[EU] Impromptu battle Vs. Templars [RESULTS]

Hey Fire Warriors!

Today we logged on to our most infamous server Ascent! To what it was supposed to be a Find Four Tournament. We first started in the iceberg practicing with some tactics and heating up. Then a sudden change of events happened. We decided to have a quick little battle with the  Templars and to see where we match up. We still had a fun event and maxed a total of 21 TROOPS ONLINE! A massive number of troops for our s/m army! Tho we weren’t able to do what we planned to, we had much fun that first 10 minutes and we even reached our double promotions goal!

Max: 21

Thanks to all troops that attended the event today, and massive thanks to our trial staff Lart Power for recording the event! With time we will show everyone who they dealing with and make them learn not to play with fire!

Keeping the Fire Bright!


FW Leader In Training

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