The Name Behind the Person: Mangoes

ROCKY ROAD, Pran’s Office: In the second edition of “The Name Behind the Person”, I will be criticizing mangoes, a troop also known as mantoes(ew), juice(this is true pls believe), and fruit (false). She claims to be iconic in the Fire Warriors, which I will determine to be false! I will uncover her TRUE nature, and expose the lies you have been fed.

Let’s start with the false name, FRUIT. She claims to be actual mangoes, while I, Pran, have the same name as a MANGO JUICE brand. Therefore, I am the real fruit mangoes, while she is a faker. Don’t believe me? Well, you don’t have a choice, I’m the one writing this so only my answer fits (Waaaaa please believe me I swear I’m not lying at all…).

Anyways, moving onto her second name, Juice. As above, she claims to be the real “Fruit” whereas I am supposedly “Juice”. This makes no sense because I myself am not juice. I am the mangoes that were used to create the juice! Pran Mango Juice. Don’t search it up by the way, its real, here is proof:

Real Type of Mango

These fake fruits couldn’t even send me proof that she is not “Juice”, whereas I have produced real evidence. Therefore, my opinion is the correct one, and not believing that will result in you going to jail on Deep Freeze, BigXing’s Retirement Island, CPRewritten. She is an identity thief, and she can NOT be trusted for any simple tasks, including being nice to people or not saying iconic.

Before you stop me asking about mantoes, let me just explain the origin. It was started by Reallol, an influential trial staff that somehow got to call mangoes “mantoes”, replacing the g with a t. (Meanwhile, I can’t call her Juice but whatever…)

Since then, people like Sid, Real, and others [all noobs] have been calling her mantoes, which she has accepted as her proper name since then!

I was fortunate enough to interview the fruit(s) herself(ves)!

Fire Warriors News Center: Mangoes, I heard that you love mango juice, what exactly does this mean since you ARE many mangoes?

Mangoes: Uhm have u ever noticed that there’s not any other mango in here? I’m the mango kween and I wont let anyone get in my way <3, so I killed them all, hence the reason I like [Pran edit: am] mango juice.

Fire Warriors News Center: Okay, you killed mangoes, but mangoes are supposedly the king of the fruits, that means you were in the Royal Family of CPO then? If so, you were/are a furry right?

Mangoes: I was in royals (bop tot eh yop) but I was not a furry. Those are only miss jjjong and miss starrysophie. I am not and I’ll never be a furry, ty. And if i ever become one, I’ll disappear for discord that day

Fire Warriors News Center: I see, you seem to be a special kind of mango then, did you see a doctor yet about going to the mental hospital?

Mangoes: Yes, I’m a special and what’s a mental hospital?

Fire Warriors News Center: … almost done so you can be shipped off, are you involved with the Mangoes of CP at all? The viewers have been dying to hear of your connection to Silverburg.

Mangoes: Oh, did u actually know that mangoes of cp was created cause of me? They decided to make me an army cause I am awesome?

Fire Warriors News Center: Okay, do you have anything to say before you’re shipped to jail so the prisoners can drink some mango juice? Please note: Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Mangoes: To finish, I have to say: Chicken nuggies>

Well, there you have it! Mangoes is actually an identity thief, who stole MY identity, and is actually made of toes, not mangoes. She’s also a cold-blooded murderer, hence her being taken to the mental hospital/jail! Thanks for reading this post from whiny version of me, and make sure to either comment or dm me at “Pran#2004” or whatever my tag is that day, to be featured in the next edition of: “The Name behind the Person“. [Note: Sorry for all those that had messaged me, I will start to follow your messages from next time, the timing for this post was a little messed up for me]

Keeping the Fire Bright


FW 2nd in Command

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