[CPRewritten News] Future Summer Parties, Minigames Developement, Puffles Update

Hey Fire Warriors and CPRewritten Players!

Recently this week, CPRewritten have made a community post announcing a bunch of things that will be arriving this summer along with many other updates and developments they talked about. Tho what will exactly arrive this summer?

1) Summer Parties

The team has talked about the parties in the community post, announcing that after the Prehistoric Party this June, players will experience a variety of fun selected parties that are confirmed this year.

  •  Music Jam of 2021

The return of the annual party will be introducing the Penguin Band[1] Hitting around Late June or Early July hitting around with what seems to be said: “with a new look“, which could perhaps be summer-themed outfits for the Band. Arriving with the party some beach decor with summer vibes and water slides! They have also talked about a sunset background in the sky for the party! Sounds like a lot of fun!

Decor could change during development

Here’s a picture of what we can see the sky would be like for a different room, there also seems to be the “Snack Shack” with some festive decor, in which players could obtain a stamp from it by using a food emote! Take a look:

  • Island Adventure Party: Festival of Fruit

There has been an earlier community post about which party out of the 3 parties: 101 Days of Fun, Island Adventure Party: Festival of Fruit, Festival of Lights. The Island Adventure Party won that out of the three, tho we can maybe expect the other 2 parties coming back at some point. How this event works is that you choose a team to compete who could get the most amount of barrels, we can expect this party to be released around mid-August. What was special about this event is the sheer amount of items you could obtain, up to 50 variety of items players could get.

  • The Fair 2021
The Fair last year was hella fun, introducing the Wagon Wheel and many custom rooms! The Tickets are also returning this year, which you could obtain by playing games at the Great Puffle Circus and the Forest to earn many rare clothes and headwear. We predict The Fair this year could release around Late November.

2) Minigames Developement

A lot of Twitter Posts surrounding the next minigames and updates on each one such as the Pizzatron and the Card-JitsuBoth will be talked about in this section!

  • Pizzatron Updates

Tho Pizzatron is already in-game currently, it hasn’t been implemented fully into HTML5. It is still using an emulated Flash version which is really rough to work with it. That is why the CPRewritten team is fully working on remastering it into a totally new game, with more sound effects, mechanics, and developing the candy version! Sled Racing will also be in full development and will be worked on quickly to then also be released in HTML5.

  • Card-Jitsu Development

For a long time, everyone has been waiting for the release of the Card-Jitsu since the HTML5 convert. Now it is finally being in development and currently aimed for the Summer, although things can change from what they said based on time of release. There is gonna be a change of the UI to make things much smoother and nicer, along with new soundtracks/music tho they said they will keep the old music. And a fresh new way to obtain new cards to compete with other players!

Sample of the “Looking for a player” screen

3) Puffles

The most requested/talked about feature in the game. Puffles have always been the most beloved type of animal in the game and many players have been questionable about their development or date of release. In the community post, the team said they are returning VERY soon! They said they are working on the Puffle care animations and updates on those will be out shortly. The estimated time could be around late June, tho nothing is confirmed yet based on time.
Here are some animations for the Gray Puffle that are coming soon:

[1] The Penguin Band consists of 4 meetable mascots: G Billy, Petey KStompin’ Bob, and Franky.

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