[EU] Operation: Speed is key [RESULTS]

Hello Fire Warriors!

Today we went on our operation Speed is Key! We were faster than sonic with our tactics! We are very proud of all of those who attended. We logged on to our server Ascent and we started with the room Iceberg. We had an amazing event for today. Our troops were doing tactics so quick even Austin the kind of FRAUDS couldn’t scream at them. So amazing job from you guys! Our event leaders were AustinUglySimmonds2000If you see them in chat thank them for their amazing lead! We also maxed 18 troops online! WOW

MAX: 18

billiebug is a new Fire Warrior who attended their first event, you can clearly see that they’re new to the game

Thanks to all troops that attended we will see you all at the next event Fire Warriors! 

Fear the Flames


FW Flame Officer

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