[AUSIA] Operation: Painted Face / Sea Serpents Practice Battle [RESULTS]

Hello Fire Warriors!

Today we went on our Operation: Painted Face! This was an amazing event as well such as yesterday’s event. We also battled the Sea Serpents led by our wonderful 3rd In Command, Darci! And wow we absolutely demolished the other army we couldn’t even SEA them! We are very proud of those who logged on and helped our army! This time we logged on to the server: Crystal and the room: Iceberg! Our troops were doing the tactics amazingly again. Our leaders for today’s event were Austin, Ugly, Simmonds2000If you see them in chat definitely go and thank them for this amazing lead from them! We had 16 TROOPS ONLINE! We are rising our way up and this is only the beginning! And for last big shoutout to Lart one of our staff members for making us a video of the event: https://youtu.be/Zt2CeA71tjw

MAX: 16

Fear The Flames


FW Flame Officer

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