[CPRewritten News] Music Jam Cruise Ship, Medivial Party Confirmed, Penguin Style Cover

What’s up Fire Warriors and CPRewritten Players?

Plenty of news are roaming around CPRewritten and there is a lot to cover. The summer deals for CPRewritten are less than a month away and we are getting a lot of sightings of what to expect in the game very soon. A lot has been confirmed and many things are coming back into the game from items of clothing to parties. But what exactly tho?

1) Music Cruise Return:

Sample of the Music Cruise

First in the news we got a special ship from the classic Club Penguin that is full of music and delight. The Music Cruise is a large, luxury party cruise line, hosted by Cadence. It is music-themed and has multiple rooms. It appeared at the Music Jam 2014 and the Music Jam 2016. It has MANY rooms to check and it’s just plain awesome. It has been confirmed on CPRewritten’s Twitter on June 12th showing Franky with a brand new look for the Music Jam. Here are a couple of photos from the Music Jam 2016’s Cruise Ship.

2) Medieval Party 2021:

After a couple of days of the Summer Parties community post on CPRewritten Support Twitter, CPRewritten replied to it by saying:

For those asking about Medieval Party, that will be returning, I’m just unsure of when at the moment.
-CPRewritten Twitter

So it seems like they are in fact working on it for this year but are still vague about the estimated time of release. This is probably because many people requested that the Medieval Party not to get canceled this year and not break the annual chain. The Party originally got canceled this year due to it being so hard to work on with so few developers. Tho now we can expect the party to not be like the other years.

CPRewritten’s Twitter Post

3) June Penguin Style:

The June Catalog was originally to release with the Prehistoric Party, but due to delays from the developers, it is releasing very soon according to Stu in an announcement released earlier in the CPRewritten discord, showing with it the cover that is gonna be used for the June Penguin Style Catalog. This month’s Penguin Style will be around summer and will have a lot of summer-themed outfits and items!

June Penguin Style 2021 Official Cover

There is another leak from Stu, and that is the After Surf Outfit that is confirmed that is gonna be available for the June Catalog 2021!

And that’s all for today’s post, Thank you for reading. MANY things are going on in CPRewritten currently. With the summer closing in and many are planned, the game has a lot to offer in the next couple of months. Tho some a lot of people dislike the Music Cruise because of the AS3 modern style that players dislike to this day for some reason. The Cruise Ship will still be definitely interesting to see this Music Jam. If we find any news we’ll post about them as quickly as possible. Till then… Waddle On!


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