[EU] Fire Warriors Vs. Templars Practice Battle [RESULTS]

Heya Fire Warriors,

Today we have logged on to Ascent, preparing for a mighty battle with our most known and only enemy, the Templars! With a horde of fiery troops, we managed to perform a lot of neat tactics, formations, and speed throughout the battle. Tho Templars had much better size and rapidity all around the battle. There were some moments where we shined and competed to the same size, unfortunately for the majority of the battle they have won with a 3-0. Tho don’t feel down about our loss today, we, an s/m army, managed to pull a slight competition with one of the top major armies currently. That is an absolute win for us!

Max: 16

The pink guy is a new troop and was confused about how to be red since he just created an account.

Thanks to everyone that came to our glorious battle today! Keep up the good work and we might see ourselves a major very soon!

Keeping the Fire Bright


FW Leader In Training

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