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ROCKY ROAD, Fire Warriors Base of Operations- With a fresh new column, I totally didn’t steal from a video game, in these posts, I will be writing about each member of our huge staff team, from leader to all the way down to staff! Explaining their history and how they found out about the Fire Warriors and why they joined it! There will probably be a lot of these posts so buckle up!

Our first person on the list is none other than Sweater! He has been a known figure in Fire Warriors’ current generation and around the army community as a whole, instantly recognized when talking in chat. He first started his army career all the way back in May of 2013, where his first every army was our current allies Ice Warriors. Not too long after he moved to Special Weapons and Tactics also known as S.W.A.T, where he spent most of his time during his army career and helping it reach high maxes. Though still being around other armies such as Dark Warriors and Doritos! After the S.W.A.T closure in the summer of 2015, he joined the Shadow Reacon Army, an infamous S/M army during those times. Sweater didn’t entirely stick to it though and kept joining different armies in 2017.

When Disney completely shut down Club Penguin, not only Conor but most of the CPA community had to stay in the shadows until they found a CPPS to work with. Conor then came back into the community in December of 2019 when he joined Doritos during the CPO era along with Dark Warriors and Mayhem. Then in early 2020 Sweater along with Jaylen, Zuke, and S  Cargo2 revived S.W.A.T. Dominant as ever under their leadership, they reached high statuses, taking over the CPO war ground.

Picture showing S.W.A.T maxing 100+

Earlier this year, Conor decided to revive an army, that had been shut down in 2020, with an interesting history. It was none other than the Fire Warriors. With the leadership of AustinFraud, Sweater, Cassie, and Haley, this team helped make the army stand on its legs and create history once again! Conor made some huge achievements in this generation of Fire Warriors, solo leading a tournament battle and going overtime with a major army in March Madness 2021, making FW one of, if not the BEST, current S/M armies out there, and showing everyone that FW is not an army to play with. Conor retired from the army community due to a loss of motivation around a month ago but has made a comeback once again to the army scene being ready to bring glory towards his current army.

Sweater’s retirement post

Sweater has made every army that he joined better than ever, with his amazing leading and hard work, and has made lots of great friends throughout his time with his kind and cool personality. Hence I, Ugly, have decided to message Conor for a quick interview to ask some questions about Fire Warriors and more!

Special interview with the Fire Warriors Leader Sweater

Hey Conor, How did you first found out about the Club Penguin Army Community?

Sweater: In 2013 I was quite big into Xat chats, particularly Club Penguin cheats chats. I was DM’d by an Ice Warriors moderator to join their group and I did; though I was troop stolen five minutes later to another army.

What do you think you were gonna be if you have never found out about CPArmies to this day?

Sweater: I would probably be competing in very low tier esports. It was a dream of mine for a very long time to go professional in Rainbow Six Siege, but the closest I’ve ever come to that is playing in a few competitve matches with my friends.

What was the reason you revived the Fire Warriors?

Sweater: Due to some internal issues with my previous army (SWAT) I realised that I would more than likely never touch the leader spot in there again. As such, I set out to build my own community, one with no arguments and where everyone has the same goal. I just needed a name; so I looked around the history books. I fell in love with the Fire Warriors because it was always slept on, like me. Nobody took it seriously in the later part of its lifespan, and my goal was to fix the reputation it has.

How do you feel that the army you revived is currently the top S/M army out there?

Sweater: It feels great. As I said before, my goal has always been to fix up the Fire Warriors’ reputation and I would say we’re doing excellent in that department. We will continue growing until we rival Pringle64 & Pochoma123’s era of the Fire Warriors, and then we will beat that era.

What is/are your favorite moment(s) in CPA that you still remember to this day?

Sweater: I have a few favourites and they all mean a lot to me for many different reasons. I would say the top three would be reaching 100+ in my battle against the Light Troops (SWAT), taking Silver Empire to overtime in the March Madness, and of course meeting Cassie in January.

What are your future plans after the Fire Warriors?

Sweater: I always want to be involved somewhat in Fire Warriors, but in August I start my Higher National Diploma & will eventually moving into my Bachelors Degree. Afterwards, I want to find work and move in (hopefully!) with my girlfriend.

Is there anything else you wanna add?

Sweater: Thank you to everybody who’s in the Fire Warriors server. Whether you attend our events, speak in the chat, or are just there inflating the size count, it means a lot to me that you grew my little project to as big as it has become. This is only the beginning & I promise to do right by you guys in everything I do moving forward.

As you can see, Sweater is always ready for what’s coming and is sure to achieve higher steps for Fire Warriors and make great accomplishments to his army career and his future self. And we are all to expect to see more from him wherever he goes!

Ugly, FW Leader In Training

Sweater, FW Leader

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