Stepping Down From Leadership

Hello Fire Warriors,

After much deliberation and discussion, I have decided to step down from the Fire Warriors leadership. I will be taking up the position of Advisor in the army and therefore I am not going to disappear completely. I will still, to an extent, be involved in the strategy of the army going forward as this army remains firmly in my heart.

I wanted to, however, take a moment to give thanks to all of you incredible troops that made every moment and event memorable. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Fire Warriors and everybody made that experience a good one. From the scary M&M emotes that Austin uses, to Olivia Rodrigo songs played by Darci, this has been an experience to remember. I need to say a huge thanks to Conor for approaching me to lead this army in the first place, I would not be here if it wasn’t for him.

Austin, Cassie, Ugly, and Haley, thank you for being amazing leaders to work with and just incredible people in general. It has been a pleasure working with all of you closely and leading battles with you. I was deliberating giving credit to individual people within this post but I decided, however, that I didn’t want to miss anybody out as you are all important to me. Some of you I may not know as well due to my inactivity near the end of my reign due to personal issues. However, I love every single one of you equally as YOU are what makes this army stronger. Leaders can draw up all kind of fancy tactics but the truth is, an army is nothing without its troops. So thank you to everybody for being amazing.

I will still be around on chat if you want to talk to me, whilst I will take up the position of Advisor within the ranks and will guide the overall strategy of the army going forwards. It’s been a pleasure to lead this army and an even bigger pleasure leading all of you.

There are big things coming for Fire Warriors in the future. My last message to all of you is to never give up, never give in. One thing that I have learnt growing up is that you can never lose sight of goals and targets. If you do, you will be the one chasing them. You will let them further away from your gasp until finally, they aren’t in sight anymore.  Don’t leave things till tomorrow, complete them today. Keep working hard and most importantly, keep smiling.

I love you Fire Warriors, keep the flame burning bright!


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