The Name Behind The Person: LartPower

Hello Fire Warriors! It looks like I am taking over the website, seeing as Pran fled and Ugly is too ugly to do satires! Today I am doing “The Name Behind The Person Post” after Pran escaped the authorities, and this time the Fire Warriors News Center team will criticize LartPower! I will criticize his name and make him wish that he chose a different nickname.

One of the first names you could come up with when you hear “Lart Power” is probably Lart Fart! Everyone started calling him Lart Fart when he wanted to change his nickname but accidentally named himself Lart Fart, which was a big mistake because if someone has a name like this will be on your grave when you die. (I mean Lart is already dead in my eyes because he isn’t replying to me!!!)

As the second name comes up this isn’t like a rhyme as what we saw right above. This name actually came from a joke from mine when Lart found a “mistake” in CPrewritten. This name is Braincell Master! And this joke is in connection with the octopus plushy that’s hidden in the CPR clothes shop.

Luckily I had a very great opportunity to interview the “brain cell master” of Fire Warriors which you will see below.
Credits to Pran for the interview!!!

Fire Warriors News Center: In what way are you powerful or slippery? Because as far as I know, superheroes don’t exist, and Lart sounds like “lard”, that buttery substance, and you are barely slipping from anyone’s attention.

Lart: im powerful. why do people call me lard? because they cant pronounce the “T”

Fire Warriors News Center: Well, if you’re so powerful, are you looking to unseat the leader of your country? If you aren’t, I would say that you aren’t powerful.

Lart: uh- im ruler of a different nation, im only loyal to fire warriors because i have power to.

Fire Warriors News Center: I see, you seem like a deranged lunatic now to think that by country I meant a club penguin fighting group. Do you have any evidence to disprove me of this theory?

Lart: im a lunitic that has no idea what im doing. but club penguin armies are nations, look at the top where the navigation bar lol.

Fire Warriors News Center: Uh I have stuff to do now like packing, I’m going to end this interview right now and run before the authorities find me, please don’t expose me again Lard Unpower please ty bye

how crude


That’s it for today’s post! Lart, as it seems, is very straight forward and he is apparently a genius. Meanwhile, we learned that Pran is an actual criminal; we will try and follow up with Pran soon… Thank you for reading my post, as I continue my takeover of the site. [Note: Sorry for the delay, our post schedule for the column will get back to regular from now on! Dm Pran [break] #0924 or Real#8888 to be featured in the next post]

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