[CPRewritten Cheats] Prehistoric Party: FULL GUIDE

Hey Fire Warriors and CPRewritten Players!

Recently, CPRewritten has finally released the Prehistoric Party after 1 month of constant delays. This party concludes an entire map by itself, dino quests, egg hunt, party catalog… etc. In this post, I will be showcasing all new rooms with all the hidden eggs that transform you into dinosaurs.

1) New Map

With the party being released, a whole new world came with it too. With a total of 11 brand new rooms all referring to the original rooms we know, you can access the prehistoric party by going through the Time Trekker in the snow forts. There are also quests on the map as shown above, you can access those by transforming into dinosaurs and roaring in the rooms that have a black square, rewards are furniture items! Here are all the available rooms:

  • Tree Palace:

  • Tricera Town:

  • Yum Yum:

  • Stony Town:

  • Big Water Place:

  • Yuck Swamp:

  • Dino Nests:

  • Tyranno Town:

  • Hunting Spot:

  • Ptero Town:

  • Scary Ice:

As you can see a whole variety of rooms to check out! Now onto the Egg Hunt!

2) Egg Hunt:

Just like the original one, you can transform into dinosaurs by finding the hidden eggs. There are 3 types of dinosaurs at the party: T-Rex, Triceratops, Pteranodon. Each one has its own animations and colors. But here is where all the eggs are:

  • First Egg: Tree Palace

  • Second & Third Egg: Tricera Town

  • Fourth & Fifth Egg: Hunting Spot

  • Sixth Egg: Dino Nests

  • Seventh Egg: Big Water Place

  • Eighth Egg: Ptero Town

  • Ninth Egg: Scary Ice

  • Tenth Egg: Stony Town

  • Eleventh Egg: Tyranno Town

  • Twelveth Egg: Yuck Swamp

Once you have acquired all of the eggs, you will be able to get the T-Rex hoodie. 

3) Prehistoric Catalog

There is also a small little catalog specifically about the party theme, there aren’t any secrets for it and it’s only one page. But these are still very cool items, check them out:

That’s all for this party’s guide, hope we helped you out! There’s a lot more to check out at the party, so log in to the game to experience it! Don’t forget that the Music Jam will be released this July, the team has hyped it up for a long now, and we can pretty much expect it to be very good this year! ‘Till then, Waddle On…!

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