What If? #1 What If Discord Didn’t Exist

HOT CHOCOLATE, Fire Warriors Capital: What If? Time for a new series that I totally made by myself of What If? Where you ask the questions, and I answer them. Wait no, I do both. Time to get down serious and ask What If Discord Didn’t Exist? So let’s get cozy next to the campfire and listen to my opinion on our doom.

Thanks to Ugly, for giving me such a good idea, that I have to steal it >:D If Discord didn’t exist, Fire Warriors would crumble. And we’d have to use fricking Xat. No offense, Xat, but I’ve seen your website, and it’s nothing like Discord (I mean that in a bad way.) We’d be stuck with 6 years of Xat, I really don’t know how you veterans could survive THIS. And me being me, has no IDEA WHAT XAT IS. If Discord didn’t exist, I would be bored to death, I have to check Discord every day, (I would say I’m addicted).

If Discord didn’t exist, then we can let three-year-olds in our Xat server (that I won’t be in). Xat is cool and all because I just checked it today. It’s kinda like Discord but lower quality, so take that Xat!

Discord didn’t exist doesn’t mean Club Penguin and WordPresser didn’t exist. So we can all type in tactics into Club Penguin. However, Club Penguin Rewritten sucks right now, and won’t let us type in numbers. You cannot Copy and Paste text and the only place you would be able to type in these command tactics are with- what do you know? low-quality XAT!

You could also use Google Chat or some streaming service like Twitch, but Discord is the GOD OF ALL CHATS! If Discord didn’t exist, then we’re all doom, ALL OF THE MEMBERS OF OUR DISCORD, WILL NOT EXIST! Not to be dark or anything, because that was just the beginning. If Discord did not exist, let’s admit it, because one of our newer leaders, one who came here in 2020. Cassie would not be on this server.

If Discord Didn’t Exist, we are all DOOMED TO DIE.

Anyways thanks for reading this, sorry for being dramatic, but what can I say, it’s true. Write your opinions in the comments. And yes, I did write this.

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2 Responses

  1. no if discord didnt exist battles would be much slower and easier ?

  2. If discord didn’t exist Austin wouldn’t have anywhere to hide his anime girls collection

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