[Meet The Team] Meet The Leader: AustinFraud

HOT CHOCOLATE, Fire Warriors Territory- On the second Meet The Team post, we will be looking into a very familiar person in the Fire Warriors this time, the main Frauds™ creator and Sid’s arch-rival. Not many know about his history, but I will speak about his army history, ranks, statuses, and affiliations in this post. All the info I could put my hands on will be compiled into one post today.

The second person for Meet The Team is of course AustinFraud. One of the most recognizable leaders in Fire Warriors, being around the leadership since the start of the current generation and helping it as much as he can, tho let’s rewind a bit. Austin has first started his Club Penguin Armies encounter in 2014, being recruited to the well-known Rebel Penguin Federation, attending multiple events for them, and hanging there until moving to the Nachos looking to find a pin tracker site for Club Penguin, which they had. Austin didn’t know much about the Club Penguin Armies era and he stopped taking part in armies and the game after Club Penguin announced their shutdown. Fast forward to 2018, he decided to give Club Penguin Online a chance to relive his old memories when he used to play Club Penguin. He was surprised witnessing armies still recruiting people. So, he decided to join Pirates, which was the first army he saw in the Club Penguin Private Servers era.

Austin’s short stint in Pirates lasted less than 24 hours where he decided to join Aliens, who were Pirates’ allies at the time.  Around that time it was basically the only army that had an AUSIA division, Austin is ausian so it was a perfect opportunity for him to join. He made great successes there and climbed the ranks very fast, leading battles such as the battle against Templars, and recruiting a lot. Tho was sadly couped due to some controversy with an Aliens staff, but has already gained experience from it and mastered his leading and recruiting skills.

Athletes maxing 35+ under the leadership of AustinFraud in an AUSIA battle!

Since he was demoted from Aliens, Austin decided to create his own army called the Athletes, leading with FunFraud and Kid, being one of the greatest AUSIA armies he has ever led. Later on, after the shutdown of CPO, he merged Athletes into Elites. He then led their 8th and 9th Generation in December 2020 besides Elites legend Simmonds2000, and former Dark Warriors/Help Force leader Spotty. This generation was great, but not as successful as the previous ones, hence it was shut down due to low sizes. Austin was left with no army to be with, until…

Elites shutdown event maxing a total of 60+ troops online.

Elites maxing 60+ on their shutdown event.

An army that had some hard times reviving in 2020. The Fire Warriors, which Sweater decided to revive in  February of 2021, invited many leaders into the spot, and one of them happens to be AustinFraud. Austin amongst the leader of FW made a stop to the constant fail revivals and is currently the greatest S/M army standing. With their great partnering, they led FW to great places and reached high positions for the Top Tens, and took on big armies.

Fire Warriors Vs. Silver Empire, FW maxing a total of 33+

Austin has been a character full of potential to lead an army into the highest peaks and change it for the better and making great friends along the way with his funny and cool nature. To gain more info about Austin, I messaged him for a quick interview about some of his army history and FW questions.

Special interview with the Fire Warriors leader, AustinFraud

How did you first find out about CP Armies?

I was recruited into RPF but fell inactive because i did not know anything about armies. Later on, I was looking for the new pin and found a pin tracker in nachos site as far as i remember and joined them.

What made you grow into armies more and more?

I found it interesting how everyone logged on at a particular time, place and did emotes together. I’ve always wanted to lead an army when I was just a troop. I’ve led multitude of armies such as Athletes, Elites, Dark Champions and lastly, Fire Warriors.

How did you discover the Fire Warriors?

Conor approached me with the task of leading Fire Warriors even though i asked for 2nd in command randomly one day. Although i considered leaving armies completely, I decided to stick by for a while and lead Fire Warriors.

When do you think you will retire or burn out completely?

 I don’t know exactly but i have plans to retire soon.

What do you wish to accomplish within the Fire Warriors?

Simply put, Dominance.

What are your next plans after FW?

Heavily focus on in real life and become hella successful.

Is there anything else you wanna add?

Fear the goddamn Flames!

As we can see, even though Austin might retire soon, he is still prepared for whatever comes next for the future of FW, and we can definitely expect more from him in this army! Our next leader in the line is Conor’s most known beloved!
Fear the Flames
FW Leader In Training

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