Name Behind That Person: Pran

Well oh well, another Name Behind the Person… It’s an honor to be doing one of these because I love to criticize people’s names (not really but still) The person to have the stage today will be our lovely 2 in command, Pran of Fire Warriors!

To begin with, people (like Sid) have horrible spelling or just call Pran another name. For example, Prancake, or Pranny. If people were to call Pran, Pranny, it would be correct to “Fanny” which is non-American English, and refers to the female genitals but is not rude, but it can be a creative manner as an insult. Oh, Pran, you’re a mess!

On another note, Pran’s name also is one of the largest conglomerates in Bangladesh (PRAN-RFL)! So basically, he’s a big company! And get this, he’s also an actor?! Pran, you have some explaining to do. Did you get rich or something in Club Penguin? Pran (actor) died at 93. So Pran, are you like, a ghost arose from the dead? I also found another name Pran has, pranilicious. You’re probably thinking of “Pinkalicious” if you’ve ever read or watched it when you were a kid. So Pran is probably a famous show character? That would round up to the famous actor, Pran. He has some explaining to do!

Anyways, I get to interview the actor, big company, swear words, and famous show character… 

Are you really one of the biggest conglomerates in Bangladesh? 
“Let’s see, I don’t recall being an entire company, although I am of the Pran Mango Juice variety!”

Is there a reason why you died at the age of 93, but are alive right now?

“I died….? I don’t recall dying, but if I did it was probably because some of my enemies like AustinFraud, etc. tried to kill me and they somehow succeeded with anime. Anyways, I am alive then because I have taken up reporting, valuable use of my time rather than doing college applications and studying” 

Alright, is there anything else before you turn into a pretty pink princess? 

“I do have a question, not a statement: What do these questions have to do with me…? I currently feel scared and violated @discord TOS help me, but yes I wanna become a pretty pink princess!”

There you have it, folks! I think Pran is a little sus.. and his name is just very puzzling. Thank you for reading this mysterious post about Pran’s exciting name! Make sure to dm me or comment on this post about what you thought. In another writing of Name Behind the Person. 

Fear the Flames


FW 3rd In Command

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  1. lies, the entire thing

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