Re-ignition Review #7

[6/28 – 7/3]

Hello Fire Warriors! Hope you guys had a good week till now! We had 3 invasions this week, as well as a Pride Celebration and two music-related events! Make sure to keep attending events, to rank up each time!

Event Statistics

AUSIA Average: 16
EU Average: 15.8
US Average: N/A

Total Average: 15.83

[EU] Operation: Boombox

Max: 15

[EU] Operation: Fiesta Maracas

Max: 13

[EU] Pride Celebration

Max: 18

[AUSIA] Invasion of Hockey

Max: 16

[EU] Invasion of Rainbow

Max: 17

[EU] Invasion of Snowy River

Max: 16

Hope you enjoyed looking over this week’s event posts, as well as the averages we calculated! Thanks for coming as always, hope to see you at this week’s events!

Keeping the Fire Bright


FW 2nd in Command

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