Fire Warriors Sunday Trivia

Hello Fire Warriors!

So yes I am seriously taking over the website and today I am giving a trivia, themed on our army. I think this will be very fun. I will tell you a few things first how to submit your Answers to the questions and how this all works. So there will be 5 questions. You can submit your answers in the comments by saying:

My answers:


So just like this, you will be able to submit your answers on the website but you can also submit them in our staff DMS. The staff you can dm your answers: Real#4075, Ugly#0532, all the main leaders and Pran as well. But let’s get onto the questions.

  1. Name a godfather of Fire Warriors!
  2. What’s the medal for the Marvel Themed week winners?
  3. How many staff members does Fire Warriors have?
  4. How many themed weeks did Fire Warriors have so far?
  5. Who is the owner of the Fire Warriors discord server?


Note: If all of your questions are right we will pick a winner from you guys who got those right and you will earn a shiny role in the Fire Warriors discord server! I will personally choose a winner with MAGIC absolutely magic and you will have a role by the time you open your eyes.

Fear the Flames
FW Flame Officer

15 Responses

  1. im the first to comment

  2. 1) Candice
    2) Marvel Champions
    3) Austin is the only Staff member
    4) Fraud week, so 1
    5) ur mom

  3. 1) AustinFraud
    2) idk
    3) i think 4-5
    4) Fraud week
    5) Sweater

  4. 1) Sweater
    2) Marvel Champions
    3) 24
    4) 3
    5) Sweater

  5. 1) AustinFraud
    2) Marvel Champions
    3) i think 6-7 LOLLLLLLLL
    4) Fraud week
    5) Sweater
    (ok i need to stop guessing the 3th one lol)

  6. 1. Me of course
    2. Sid sucks
    3. Exclude sid and you have 100
    4. However many Sid has won, so 0
    5. Kyle obvs

  7. Me
    Iron Sid
    im a capricorn
    Me (and i will ban every single one of you!)

  8. 1. Pochoma123/Pringle64
    2. marvel champions
    3. 17 only including staff and trial staff
    4. 2; Marvel and Harry Potter
    5. Conor

  9. 1) Pringle64
    2) Marvel Champions
    3) 17
    4) 2
    5) Conor

  10. Corrections:

    1) Pringle64
    2) Marvel Champions
    3) 14 (including ugly but not trial staff — otherwise 18)
    4) 2
    5) Conor

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