[Meet The Team] Meet The Leader: Cassie

HOT CHOCOLATE, Fire Warriors Capital – Another week, another Meet The Team post. Today we will be looking at another commander in the leadership, most commonly known as Cassie/Catsie. While it is a short history, it has a very interesting build-up! Follow up on cassie’s past and how she ended up in the Fire Warriors!

Cassie first found out about the CP Army community in March of 2020, being recruited to the Dark Warriors in the CP Online era. Due to her hardworking and potential, she got achieved a staff role after about 1 month of her appearance and quickly climbing through the ranks. After about half a year of being there, she retired as a 2nd In Command in early October of 2020.

Moreover, she went on to join the infamous Legoman Army Hoorah, leading alongside many known figures such as Legoman and Ninja. During that month, she joined Doritos of CP for their revival as a 3rd In Command. Later on, to be Leader In Training in December of 2020.

Legoman Army at the time while Cassie was a leader

In mid-January of 2021, she retired from the Doritos and in addition decided to join Fire Warriors after being invited by Conor to the leadership along with Austin, Haley. Those 4 made Fire Warriors history and made its legacy stand while being one of the greatest S/M armies with her insane recruiting and leading skills.

Fire Warriors recent event under Cassie’s Leadership

While her appearance in the CP Armies community wasn’t long, she made the best out of it and reached great statuses in multiple armies! I decided to reach out to Cassie for an interview and talking about her future in FW and in real life!

Special Interview With Cassie

How did you find out about Club Penguin Armies?

Cassie: I heard about CPO through a youtuber I watched and decided to check out. Spawned in Town and the first thing I saw was a penguin shouting in all caps to JOIN DARK WARRIORS, so I did. Though I did look up Doritos and Ice Warriors too, but DW seemed like the best fit for me.

When did you first meet Sweater and how?

Cassie: I first met him in DW, but back then all I thought of him was a lazy staff member who didn’t recruit or attend events :sweat_smile: But we started properly talking in early January in CPAH/Elites.

If you can describe Sweater in 1 word what would it be?

Cassie: Amazing

What are your best moments that you had in FW?

Cassie: It’s a combination of small moments, where I see troops express their love and dedication to FW whether it be through a heartfelt message or a work of art, etc. It warms my heart to see the community we created being loved by so many.

What are the plans that you wish to accomplish in FW?

Cassie:To keep growing as a community, creating friendships and having fun! Because if we aren’t having fun then what’s the point 🙂

Is there anything else you wanna add?

Cassie: ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

Cassie has been showing her best support to FW since the revival of it, reaching 2k members in only 5 months through her insane recruiting skills and loving abilities, and we can assure she will reach high places in the Fire Warriors!

Fear the Flames


FW Leader In Training

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