What If? #2 What If FW Had an SMP

Hello Fire Warriors! Welcome back to the newest series, that’s quickly gaining hype, “What If?”. With that, we have this. Question of today, What If Fire Warriors Had an SMP?

So, what even is an SMP? Simply put, it’s a Survival Multiplayer Minecraft Server. I chose this topic in particular, since recently Doritos Gaming, formerly known as DCP, and ACP have started an SMP (and because I’m in love with the Dream SMP). In this post I’ll go through all the aspects of FW setting up and running their own SMP.

Image from the Dream SMP

Firstly, What are we going to name the server? An ideal name would be eye-catching and easy to remember. So a very likely candidate would be “Fire SMP”, but if the leaders get greedy we could probably get an “Austin SMP” or “nr1ArmyBadBoyConor SMP”? Personally I’m routing for “Fogo SMP”!

Secondly, What Factions would there be? Let’s take a quick look at all the groups that are gaining fame within our server: Frauds, Janitors, and of course the Darci is a Taxi Faction. Most likely there’d be many more as people love leading their own little groups.

Example of the “Darci the taxi” rage

Thirdly, Players? The SMP would most likely be Java based, so Bedrock players (cough cough Conor) would have to sit aside and weep as the superior Java players have all the fun. Same goes for people who can’t afford Minecraft, which would open up the opportunity of doing Minecraft Giveaways. Whether cracked versions of Minecraft would work on the SMP would fully depend on the server hosting provider, though it’s very unlikely it would work.

Let’s hypothetically imagine that we all had Minecraft. Sweater would watch over us from his marvellous castle (that poor people like Austin would continuously try to raid) while still simping for Cassie. Essie Bee would be streaming the chaos on her twitch (follow ItsEssieBee on Twitch). Austin will lead the Fraud division with Real as his right-hand man. Ugly and his Troll Organisation will do stuff, unspeakable stuff. And I.. I’d be a good character.

In conclusion, our gaming server would serve well with the addition of an SMP. Or perhaps, like many SMPs, it would be forgotten, just a part of out history. Chaos would rule the SMP with only our faithful mods to keep peace. But it’s not like every SMP that exists features chaos, lore, and war…

 What do YOU think would happen if we had our own SMP? Do you disagree with anything I said? If so, leave YOUR thoughts in the comments.

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  1. we would name it Fogo SMP

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