FW Sunday Trivia #2

Hello Fire Warriors!

Welcome back to the second edition of FW Sunday Trivia. While there were no correct guesses for the last edition, the reward, a cool medal in the FW server, remains the same. But before we get into the trivia, let’s go over how to submit your answers again, as it’s always good to refresh your memory. So, as I mentioned last time you can submit your answers in the comment section with this template:

My answers:

And now, let’s continue with our Fire Warriors based trivia:

1. Who is the LiT of the Fire Warriors army?

2. Who was the first Warrior of the Week in FW?

3. Who revived the current generation of Fire Warriors?

4. When was the army initially created & by whom?

5. What is FW’s biggest max in the current gen & who were we battling against?

Good luck answering these question, now if you’re a newer member and haven’t been around long enough to know some of these answers then let it be known that all these answers can be found on the website. I urge you not to ask for specific answers in chat though, as it ruins the fun! Thank you all for reading this edition of FW Sunday Trivia and have fun answering in the comments.

Fear the Flames


Fw Flame Officer

4 Responses

  1. 33

  2. My answers:
    4)2007 and by wwe09
    5)33 in March madness against Silver empire

  3. 1)ugly
    4)April 2007 by Wwe9
    5)33 march madness vs silver empire

  4. 1) ugly
    2) jayde
    3) conor
    4) late August 2007 by Wwe09
    5) 33 march madness round 1 silver empire ( + 8 ppliin other rooms. )

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