Notable Moments [7/5 – 7/11]

Hello Warriors!

It’s been awhile since the last edition, but now we’re back with Notable Moments of the Week, also knows as NMOTW (I just came up with that right now). Without further ado, let’s have some laughs over this week’s funny and notable moments! What will they be? Continue reading to find out!

Fix typos people!

Recently, on Saturday 17:31 GMT, we had a really funny predicament. A newer member, stunner, made an unfortunate typo that led to a whole different meaning to his message. He continued to make a second typo that had the whole FW chat laughing. Poor stunner, let’s cheer him up by laughing about it on the website as well!

Stunner’s initial typo

That doesn’t make it any better, stunner….

What did we learn from this? We have to proofread before sending a message!



So we all know Ugly, the Dictator in Training of Fire Warriors, who apparently really likes “your mom” jokes. He decided to make a long but excellently executed “your mom” joke. It wast too long of a joke for my taste, but it was good enough to make it to the starboard, so Congratulations Ugly!

The infamous “your mom” joke

It’s quite a read so I’ll leave you guys enough time to finish reading! (You may need to open the image in a new tab, to see it better.)

Okay that enough time, let’s continue with the notable moments.


Hybrydo, the most talented Warrior!

As you may know, hybrydo is this week’s Warrior of The Week and he’s made a lot of fan art for FW that are really good! Let’s thank him for the time and effort that he put into creating these artworks. They were so good that I decided to give them a big shoutout in this post! Here they are:

Fan art of a Fire Warrior in full uniform, with special shoutouts to Ugly, Austin, Real, Sid and Anna

Cute fan art of a red penguin with a miner’s hat!

Amazing artwork, thank you hybrydo!


AUSTIN INVASION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A “few” members decided to turn into Austin by changing their names and profile pictures to match his. It quite quickly turned into a mess, as more people started doing it, and by the end we had a total of 7 Austins! We all know that just one Austin is already more than enough, but maybe this could be a good strategy for a quick promotion.. If it wasn’t against the rules.

An example of some of the Austin impersonators!

We love Austin that’s why we do it uwu!

Fire Warriors scorch the land!!!

This week was very successful in terms of invading new land. Meaning that we were triumphant in all our invasion, bringing us closer to burning the map! Below you can view all the lands we now own, which will also be in the next Map Update!


Congratulations Warriors, we did a great job this week. Thanks for reading my post and I hope to see you at the Battlefield, Warriors. Until next time!

Fear the Flames


Fw Flame Officer




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