Fire Warriors Semi-Annual Legend Inductions

(FWLI, Fire Warriors Legend Inductions) – Today, July 12th, marks the first of many semi-annual Fire Warriors Legend Inductions. As our Godfathers have remained inactive; and I do not want to hold the power to induct legends myself, I figured it would be best for the army to induct its legend themselves. That means you, the soldiers, will have the power to vote for who should be upgraded in our Hall of Fame page.

Every six months, I will pick out notable names who have helped the Fire Warriors grow and contributed their time to ensure the success of the army. All you will have to do is comment on this post with who you think deserves the title. In our Hall of Fame page, you will notice there are four sections. I have picked names from the FW Champion and FW Warrior sections. To vote, comment the following format with your answers attached:

  1. What is your Discord username?
  2. Who you are voting for FW Icon:
  3. Why are you voting for these two?

Please note that you need to comment on this post for your vote to count. That’s all you need to do. You can pick from the following people:









Mythic (Advisor)


Only two of these people will be upgraded to FW Icon. Please use your vote carefully as you only get one. Votes close 31st July, 12:00 AM BST.

Thank you.


24 Responses

  1. AustinFraud my bestie ❤️❤️❤️

  2. 1. Ugly
    2. AustinFraud & Cassie
    3. He’s done much for FW and has helped it a lot, without him I don’t think even I will be here. The same goes for Cassie, she’s done so much to FW that it can’t be counted, definitely deserved.

  3. username: EldenGoul#9473
    vote: pranav and AustinFraud
    i am voting for these two people because they have made a big impact on fw, and me. they have done such an amazing job on leading and helping others out when needed. <3

  4. i vote for AustinFraud and Ugly
    austin is a very good leader and ugly is the best training staff :salute:

  5. 1. Pandor
    2. Cassie
    3. It really is quite simple. Since I came to armies she was the one who helped me from dcp and in fw. Without cassie I would’ve never gotten a chance in fw which means I wouldn’t be where I am today. She’s a very nice person and will always help you when needed. She deserves Legend.

  6. ItsZombieBattler#1936
    Cassie and Pran
    I’ve known them both for nearly 1 year, and theyre both just so amazing and kind, pran is funny and a good and trustable friend, cassie is helpfull and just a wonderfull person. They deserve to be- or no- ARE Legends of FW <3

  7. What is your Discord username? AustinFraud#3194
    Who you are voting for FW Icon: Cassie aka Kaos and Ugly
    Why are you voting for these two? Cassie is a great leader and Ugly is one of the most GOATED LIT’s in CPA.

  8. What is your Discord username? lafilleaveclevisage
    Who you are voting for FW Icon: Austin and Ugly
    Why are you voting for these two? Austin because he’s helped me a lot and he’s Austin uwuwu and Ugly because pushes me to be active everyday

  9. What is your Discord username? ๖ۣۜKaos#2301
    Who you are voting for FW Icon: Austin and Ugly
    Why are you voting for these two? Austin’s a great leader as well as extremely devoted to FW and Ugly brings new ideas to the table and has been amazing help to the leadership.

  10. What is your discord username? _.yoitdarci._#0335
    Who are you voting for FW Icon: Pran and Austin
    Why are you voting for these two? Pran is the most underrated moderators in FW and is one of the moderators who always obey their word which is why I respect him. I’ve always looked up to Austin in armies and he was put a lot of commitment into this army aside from his anime addiction which is still going strong :sob:. I feel like these two more than anything deserve to be recognised as icons in FW.

  11. 1.ugly
    Ok I’ve only been in this army for a few weeks but I think ugly bc he is just nice alerts ppl when there’s an event guides ppl
    Austin bc ………. He’s the leader
    Hybrydo productions or hybrydo da fire warrior #arson in fw

  12. 1: Real
    2: i vote for AustinFraud aka AustinFraug aka daddy :okaychamp: and Cassie
    3: I mean who doesn’t agrees to get austin on the board he just did so much for FW i think he deserves it even without these votes he is very good staff trainer a good leader and overall a funny person who helps a lot for the army with a lot of experience, Cassie is because she did a lot aswell for the Fire warriors army when we needed help she was here to help us out so I think it’t time to give her a well earned reward for her actions.

  13. 1. discord username = Pran[break]
    2. who im voting for: ot_ter and xfastx
    3. without fast, the first generation of FW in 2020 wouldn’t have even arrived (along with conor, essie and others) — he helped create a beautiful army that proved that it could become one of the greatest, like it is becoming today. As for otter, she, along with conor, helped create the second generation of FW in 2020, helping to pave the way for this generation. Without her, I doubt this army could have gotten the start it did in the army community — the last two generations were the building blocks to making this one the best in my opinion

  14. 1. Coserphis

    2. AustinFraud and Ugly

    3. Austin and Ugly are very good leader for Fire Warriors.

  15. 1. haleyyy
    2. cassie and haley
    3. girls rule boys drool

  16. What is your Discord username? : TheNathanBoy
    Who you are voting for FW Icon: Pranav, AustinFraud
    Why are you voting for these two? : Because they have put in tremendous amounts of work for FW, from playing a huge part in the revival, to helping troops.

  17. 1. Ronaldo Vargas#0001

    2. ot_ter and Simmonds

    3. They were good leaders even though one left and the other one got banned they did a very good job leading.

  18. What is your Discord username? Lart Power#8888
    Who you are voting for FW Icon: Austin and Pran
    Why are you voting for these two? Austin is a Fraud and he lead most of the battles today. And I’m voting for Pran because I feel bad for him lol. Both helped a lot with our New and very well made Fire Warriors server

  19. ok serious post now

    1. mabel#5931
    2. AustinFraud and Ugly
    3. I personally see these two the most active in chat (whenever I’m around that is) and they both do a lot to keep the army together! ❤️❤️❤️

  20. 1.。? ? moo?? 。#1876
    2. AustinFraud and Ugly
    3. i think these two people deserve legend because they’ve contributed a lot in terms of keeping the server alive and they’re just all around good people 🙂

  21. 1. William ‘#3851
    2. Ugly and Austin
    3. men

  22. 1. i’m kinda dumb#8203
    2. AustinFraud and Cassie
    3. they have both done alot for this server and without them i dont even think i would be here in fw

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