{EU} Battle and Games with Army of CP + Invasion of Cloudy {RESULTS}

Hiya Fire Warriors!

Today we logged on to Ascent/Iceberg to invade Cloudy and to Battle and play games with ACP! In the end, we even had a dance contest. How did these events go? Continue Reading to find out!

Well, we Warriors had amazing tactics and formations while battling the Army of CP! After the battle which was already fun, we decided to make it even more fun with a dancing contest. Who was the contest winner? Keep on reading to find out! In our battle AustinFraud, Ugly and Rachel were leading. Again if you see them in chat thank the lead for them because they lead us to max 13 troops online.


And for the dance contest winner announcement:

drum roll

It’s Ugly again. (congrats) smh, we have to stop this man from winning everything.

-Fear the Flames-


FW Flame Officer

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