[EU] Invasion of Cloudy + Fishing Competition [RESULTS]

Hiya Fire Warriors!

Today we logged on to Crystal/Iceberg to disturb my vacation and invade Snowshoe + a fishing competition as well! Did we invade the land? Who won the Fishing competition? Read the post to find out!

Well, for the invasion we had some really fast tactics and formations which were very helpful to capture the land, and for the fishing, the competition winner announcement is at the end of the post so keep reading! The Warrior’s tactics and formations wouldn’t be without our leaders AustinFraud, Ugly, Sweater, Darci, and Goul. If you see them in chat thank them for their lead!




And now it’s time to announce the winners of the fishing competition.

drum roll

Epic VR & Ugly!

Congratulations to both. Thank you for attending!

Fear the Flames


Fw Flame Officer

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