{EU} Invasion of Grasshopper + Battle against Smart Penguins {RESULTS}

Hello Fire Warriors!

The mighty Warriors have taken their flames and logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten to conquer land and battle the Smart Penguin army. How well did these events go? Read the whole post to find out!

Today we took our shiny flames to Ascent/Iceberg to burn the berg but before we could have made the berg disappear, we got sent to the Stadium. While we were invading, Grasshopper, the Smart Penguins, decided to challenge us a challenge and battle us during the invasion! After we finished the invasion, the judges decided they wanted the berg off the CPR map and sent us back. What happened on the berg? Well, that’s just history. We defeated the Smart Penguins and took over Grasshopper at the same time, I mean has any other army ever done this before? It wouldn’t have been possible without our leaders AustinFraud, Ugly, and Sweater. Thank them when you see them in chat because they led us to a max of 17 troops online!


Fear the Flames


FW Flame Officer

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