Notable Moments {7/12 – 7/18}

Hello Fire Warriors!

Hot Chocolate, Fire Warriors Capital – We need notable moments! Don’t worry, I’ve got you guys covered with today’s post. And in this post, we all know it’s the time where we talk about this week’s honorable and funny moments! Read the whole post to find out what they were!


Sweater just turned 18, so he’s an official boomer. He’s done a lot for us, so I personally think he deserves everything from us, so Happy Birthday to you from the site as well I hope you have many more days like this.

Austin’s sister shows up!!!!

Austin’s sister just happened to show up in the server, and it looks like he doesn’t really like her. I mean, nobody likes their siblings. Siblings only mean a few things: 1, Always fighting 2, Always competing ​3, You’re more tired than ever.

The Warriors cannot be stopped!

This week’s invasions were really successful! Not only the invasions but the battle too! Well, the invasions because we invaded everything and the battle because we won 3-0 against the Smart Penguins! This shows that our Flames are mightier than the books.

Fire Warriors New Lands: Snow Shoe | Cloudy | Flippers | Grasshopper!

That’s it for this week’s notable moments thanks for reading the post! See you at the Battlefield Warriors.

Fear the Flames


FW Flame Officer


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