Fire Warriors Sunday Trivia #3

Hot Chocolate, Fire Warriors Capital – Another Sunday, another trivia! Isn’t that awesome? I mean, we all love trivia and the trivia prize is absolutely amazing! In case you didn’t know, it’s a medal that says “Trivia Winner”. If you win this, people will think you belong to the Smart Penguins army because only nerds can achieve this reward. And back to the part where we actually talk about the post! I’ll mention this in every post, but we have 5 questions and you can only submit your answers by commenting. You can only submit 1 answer, so be careful what you write. The way to submit your answers:

  1. (answer)
  2. (answer)

This way you can submit your answers and we will go through all your answers and choose the winner of the competition. And now it’s time for the questions!

1: What lands did the Fire Warriors conquer this week? (name them all)

2: Who was the most recent member promoted to Warrant Officer?

3: Who is the noob in Fire Warriors? (my favorite question)

4: Name all the 3 FW legends!

5: How many member ranks do the Fire Warriors discord have?

Thanks, everyone for reading this post hope you have an amazing rest of the day Warriors!

Fear the Flames


FW Flame Officer


3 Responses

  1. 1: Snow Shoe, Cloudy, Flippers. Grasshopper, Cold Snap, Powder Ball,

    2: erenfroud??? i dont know

    3: Sid

    4: WWE09 ๖ۣۜSWEATER and POCHOMA123

    5: 1951 members now

  2. 1) Snow Shoe, Cloudy, Flippers. Grasshopper, Cold Snap, Powder Ball

    2) Eren

    3) Sid

    4) Wwe09, Sweater, Pochoma123, Pringle64

    5) As of this comment, 1952,

    • 3 was supposed to be:

      Biased question, there can’t be one answer because every person in FW thinks some other person is a noob — therefore this question cannot have an answer. Even if one person doesn’t agree with the answer(with no substantial evidence to prove that the answer is right), its an opinion, and opinions cannot be correct or incorrect. youre probs looking for sid as the answer, but again the question is biased — if i was to ask, then the noob could be real in my opinion

      5 is now 21 ranks, including Private

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