The Name Behind the Person: Ugly

Hello, Fire Warriors! So today I am doing “The Name Behind the Person” post about ugly’s name! And I know what you are all thinking, “But real ugly has so many names, how are you going to cover that in a single post?” Well, the answer is, I won’t, can’t and it’s basically impossible. Ugly has so many names I could write for 5 whole hours, but let us get into the post!

One of the first things that come to your mind when you hear the name “Ugly” is that it’s not even a name! Behold, you are absolutely right! From his name we could guess what he looks like in person, unfortunately, we didn’t see a face reveal from him yet. I can’t even count the number of times people have asked Ugly, “Why is your name ugly?” I’ll show the proof of that below!

You can clearly see his pain from here!

And then here we go for the second name! (Note: I could write like 50 names for him but the leadership didn’t let me) The second name is Mr.Yourmomjokemaster! (also commonly knows as SCP-5215-JJX) I mean if anyone disagrees with this name then I’m sorry to have sad news for you! We will ban you! As far as we go in the world as far as we go on discord and as hard as we try to find a better “Your mom” joke man it won’t be possible! If you found someone then be sure to dm me here: Real#4075! I’m sure I won’t get any DMS from this post.

I had a very great opportunity to interview Ugly the Fire Warriors Leader in Training! You will see this below.

Fire Warriors News Center:  Who is ugly? And why’s your name ugly? Did you know you will be bullied a lot when you picked this username for the internet?

Ugly: 1. Sid. 2. Back at like 2016/2017 at the prime TF2 days, for some reason, I had my actual irl name as my steam username lmao. After being banned in TF2 a lot of times with old accounts (for cheating yes :p), I then tried thinking of a new username for my new account that everyone would call me by and I would be known for it forever, but young ugly didn’t know what thinking was back at the day so I quickly thought of this. NO, IT WAS NOT BASED ON HOW I LOOK PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE. 3. Not at all, I thought the username was funny and everyone would laugh whenever they see it, but it was the opposite and now everyone feels bad when they say my name, I hate my life.

Fire Warriors news Center: Wow! Seems like you weren’t so smart back in the days! Starting with doxxing yourself by putting your real name as your username. And what a story, you dirty little cheater! And by that why did you cheat in that game? Did it make the game more fun, or you just enjoyed being inevitable like Thanos?

Ugly: I saw some TF2 youtubers use a free cheat called “LMAOBOX”, and young me was like: Okay. Then I realized I spam the chat with it and I instantly get banned. I have later on started trading and became a chad and got many cosmetics now.

Fire Warriors News Center: Damn! If TF2 was discord then you would be gotten muted by Pandor for spamming. And to top it all up it was links. And what kind of name that “LMAOBOX” is? Anyways I gotta go before you use cheats against me and ban me from the Fire Warriors discord server! Anything to put it up here?

Ugly: Yes, I would like to present an exceedingly excellent Your Mother joke. I will now begin: Your biological mother is so morbidly obese, when she went to go get her yearly physical done, the doctor took her blood and the results concluded that she had a high blood pressure, onset Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, and the possibility of heart disease. She also suffers from severe depression, because she lacks confidence in her physical appearance, which enables her to consume even more food, making her more obese. Not to mention, but your mother is becoming so monstrous, she had a hard time fitting through small spaces and exceeding weight limits on practical applications. Your mother has an endless cycle of malicious eating habits that only make her health worsen over time. I hope whoever has just read this message enjoyed the humorous Your Mother joke. Thank you for you time and have a blessed day.

Fire Warriors News Center: Thank you for your time! And your mom’s joke fits perfectly for the post!

Ugly: Also sid sux

Ugly’s face reveal leaked!

And that’s it for today’s post! What did we find out today? Well, really just that Lil Ugly was stupid, but it’s okay, the current Ugly is not (as much) stupid. This post could’ve been much longer, but I got limited so it only covers 2 of Ugly’s names. And if you want to be the next one this post is about, dm me my tag is Reallol#4075. Thanks, everyone for reading the post!

“Fear the Trolls”

FW Flame Guardian

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