Fire Warriors Saturday Trivia #4

Hot Chocolate, Fire Warriors Capital Oh well, Sunday trivia has been transferred to Saturday, so it will be called Saturday trivia from now on. I know it’s sad, but we have to deal with what the leaders say! So I am back at it again with full spirit and joy! This shall be fun, I will not waste any more time, let us get right to it! We have 5 questions and you can only submit your answers by commenting. You can only submit 1 answer, so be careful what you write. The way to submit your answers:

  1. (answer)
  2. (answer)

This way you can submit your answers and we will go through all your answers and choose the winner of the competition. And now it’s time for the questions!

1# What is FW’s Capital?

2# What Leagues are FW in?

3# Who was the latest leader talked about in the ‘Meet The Team’ column?

4# Name all of our High Command (HCOM).

5# What was the last land we invaded?

Thank you Warriors for reading this post! Good luck to everyone and have a blessed day!

Fear the Flames


FW Flame Guardian

2 Responses

  1. 1. Hot Chocolate
    2.CPAN and CPAHQ
    3. Cassie
    4. Darci, Sid, Rachy, Pran and Ugly

  2. 1 Hot Chocolate
    2 CPAN ,CPAHQ.
    3 Ugly
    4 Austin | Haley | Kaos | Sweater | Ugly | Parlor | Cassi |
    5 Adventure

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