[SATIRE] A Bleak Peak into FW Cliques: The Trolls

Hot Chocolate, Fire warriors Capital – Hey Warriors It’s me again, and this time we are “reading” something new, because we are talking about the cliques in FW! The first clique we cover is the Trolls, led by Ugly, our LIT. 

So a little “troll” history! It seems to be widely agreed that the practice of trolling, in its older internet sense, began in the late 1980s or early 90s in the MUDs (multi-user dungeons) or Usenet discussion groups and was passed down by generations. One of the favorite pastimes of these early net users was to “troll for newbies” – to ask questions or start discussions that established users knew were old hat to show up new, gullible users.

Users in a discord server called the ‘Fire Warriors’ began to be skeptical about some weird activities called “trolling” after a guy named ‘Ugly’ joined the server. He was for some unknown reason a bit inactive in those following days. Later on, other troops began “trolling” such as ‘Mythic’and ‘Hima’, and more to come later on. Ugly suddenly came back as he from then became a lot active, who knows what he was planning.

On march 5th of 2021, random users started joining the server and started trolling by breaking a few server rules, their source is to this day unknown, but Ugly seems to be allowing it and in fact, defending it. Days passed normally, the leaders of the server decided to initiate a “Themed Week” where Ugly and Pran would battle it out with their troops to see who is the winner. Ugly would remain victorious, despite desplaying hostility.

Image showing redacted footage of the trolling.

He began showing more and more of his irritation for unrevealed reasons. On June 26th, Ugly started his own movement named the ‘Troll Org’ initiating “The Conflagration Incident” on one objective and that is to transfer the server into his own hands. A good example is a time he changed the server’s name into “Ugly’s Troll Squad”. His movement continues to this day, and his other plans are still unknown.

The renaming of FW into “Ugly’s Troll Squad”

As the CO leader of the Frauds, I had a chance to interview Ugly, the Troll’s leader, about how he started his gang!

Interview with Ugly

Why did you choose to be a troll?

Because I think any other role is a bit cringe, being a troll teaches you to not take anything seriously and just be chill and do a lil trolling.

When you joined the “troll” gang (lame) did you know you’ll be the leader of the gang one day?

I always seen myself as the leader, being the one to bring the trolling into the server.

What’s the slogan of your gang?

Fight the cringe and praise Eduard Khil.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We do a massive amount of trolling

As we can see, there’s a lot of egoism going on in the troll gang leader, Ugly! But that doesn’t stop them from taking over. What do you think, will the Frauds or the Trolls prevail? (say Frauds for an extra promotion). Tune in next time for an inside look into the Frauds!

We do a lil trolling!


FW Flame guardian

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