[Legends Cup XI] Fire Warriors Vs. Rebel Penguin Federation Quarter Finals [RESULTS]

What’s up Fire Warriors!

On the 1st of July, we logged on CPRewritten to battle the dominating army Rebel Penguin Federation in the quarter-finals of the Legends Cup XI, since we proceeded from round 1 against Spartans which was an automatic win for us! Unfortunately, if it’s not obvious, we weren’t able to take on the RPF due to their huge size advantage and rapidity in tactics, as they are a 5 times champions in Legends Cup. We still managed to show up and try our best, maxing a total of 10 troops online.

Max: 10

(Sorry for the lack of pictures, there was immense lag and our troops couldn’t take any pictures)

Thanks to all warriors that came to the rounds of our Legends Cup this year. Even if we didn’t manage to do that well on tournaments our size, we will be able to perform a very good show in Challengers Cup 2.

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