[URGENT] Declaration of War Against the Golden Penguin Army

Attention, Fire Warriors. We are at war. This is not a drill.

The Fire Warriors hereby declare war on the Golden Penguins Army.

Since this is the young calf, and we REALLY want the old bull, there will not be much to this post. Ronaldo Vargas is the one to blame for this state of war.

Pre-warning: a few images in this post contain NSFW words and serious accusations. If you are easily offended by this you shouldn’t read the images.

We are well aware that we have the “size advantage” and we are larger than the Golden Penguins, however, we still feel this war is very justified after the way both ex-leader BlueBeak123 and current leader Ronaldo Vargas have spoken to our leadership. The last thing Fire Warriors would ever do is declare war on a smaller army for absolutely no reason unless it was personal. This war is personal.

If you’re interested as to what caused this war, then you can see now. Ronaldo Vargas has continuously insulted our army, despite the fact that I (Sweater) tried my best to help the Medieval Warriors. A few examples can be seen below of what his stance on Fire Warriors and our leaders is.

Ronaldo recites the lyrics to his national anthem, Ram Ranch, whilst insulting the Fire Warriors leadership.

Context: Myself (Sweater) and another FW leader are in a relationship that has been going on since before the army opened. Due to this, Ronaldo accuses Cassie of being a pedo.


Ronaldo Vargas proceeds to join Fire Warriors and harass Fire Warriors leaders and soldiers publicly in #general as shown above,

Ronaldo generally just being a moron in FW.

There’s a whole lot more, of course, but this post is much longer than the Golden Penguin Army deserves.

Terms of War

  • No multi-logging, botting, or any other means of unfairly increasing an army’s size – no blackmailing of any sorts, either.
  • No doxxing tactics or DDoSing
  • No toxic tactics (attacking someone’s race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, etc.)
  • This is a one on one war between the Fire Warriors and Golden Penguin Army. No external army can intervene.
  • No allies and no dual enlists unless they were previously (before the date and time of this post being published) enlisted in your army. If someone who is not in your army attends you forfeit the war and your entire land.
  • Club Penguin Rewritten rules must be upheld. This includes the use of one-bar proxy servers being used when possible, tactics/bombs being fully appropriate and child-friendly, and more. For this term, a neutral body (Club Penguin Army Network) will be used to determine if it was breached. The breaching of this term will result in complete surrender, agreeing to a force treaty, and the transfer of all of your land to the opposing army.
  • Server transfers are hereby frozen, so neither army is allowed to transfer their land to any external armies.
  • If either army attempts to come up with loopholes for these terms, you agree to the following: a complete surrender, a force treaty, and the transfer of all of your land to the opposing army.
  • If Golden Penguins rebrand (change names, site, server, etc) then the war will just continue with that army, including invasions of land.

Signed by,

Post written by: Sweater, AustinFraud & Kaos.

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