Fire Warriors Saturday Trivia #5

Hey Fire Warriors!
Today we present to you the Fifth Saturday Trivia. If you don’t know how these posts work, every Saturday we make a post with questions 5 random questions Fire Warriors-related will be presented and you will have to answer them correctly in order The same rules still apply as last Saturday’s Trivia. Make sure to follow the same format as the questions listed below when answering them.

Note: The only way of submitting your answers is to comment down below in the comments area.

  1. Who has the most medals in FW?
  2. In this generation who were the “starting” leaders? [state all 6 names]
  3. What is the name of the tournament that FW participated in in March?
  4. Which staff member is an Advisor and an HCOM at the same time?
  5. Who is the latest ally of Fire Warriors?

The winner will be announced at the weekend and will be rewarded the ‘Trivia Winner‘ medal.


FW Flame Guardian

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  1. 1. Ugly
    3. March Madness 2021
    4. Rob
    5. Ice Warriors

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