[WAR] Fire Warriors vs. Golden Penguins Army | Battle for Oyster [VICTORY]

How’s it going Fire Warriors!
Following the recent war declaration on the evil Golden Penguins Army, we have logged on to Ascent for the first and the last invasion to destroy those fake people and invade their capital. We were able to max a total of 13 penguins online, while those scaredy-cats didn’t log on to the point they had to rebrand, but the battle still occurred for the holder of Oyster. After 10 minutes of great performance, the judges have officially announced victory towards the Fire Warriors and have successfully claimed Oyster as our land. After the Golden Penguins lost their ex-capital, we were able to force treaty them with a very harsh treaty for all the harassment and the disrespect given, that’ll show em!

Max: 13

Click to enlarge.

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Addendum: Due to the Golden Penguin Army (rebranded to Night Guardians) being dumb and merging to the Elite Federals (our enemies), the treaty applies to them too. Even though EF left CP Army Network, the treaty will definitely apply whenever they set foot in the army league again. Thanks for doing us a favor Ronaldo, very cool.

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