Meet the Leader: Haley

What’s up Fire Warriors? Last time, we introduced the leader Cassie with a full history post about her past affiliations and successes. Today, our last current leader on the list, Haley. Not many have been able to see her in chat to know more about her, so today I’ll bring full research talking about her record in the CPA community along with multiple ranks from her past armies!

Haley discovered CPArmies in April of 2019. Being an old Club Penguin player from 2006, she decided to go on a nostalgic trip visiting Club Penguin Online bumping into an advertiser for the Royal Family of CP, she didn’t hesitate to partake in it. Quickly became in love with their community and how they are built, deciding to be a staff and jumping through the ranks as fast as a bullet.

The first event of the 2nd Generation for the Royal Family

Within 2 months, she managed to obtain her leadership role in the Royals. Unfortunately, they have decided to shut down the army and transform it into a hangout server. That is due to the result most of their leaders were busy with real-life issues. She decided to join SWAT as a 2nd In Command, though her stint there was brief as she followed Sweater’s lead and move to the Elites as a 3rd In Command.

Following the shutdown of Elites, Haley took a break from joining any particular army and only attend random events for her friends. After a few weeks, her fellow Royal friends thought of reviving the server for a short amount of time, eventually merging with the Doritos as they had close relations with them. She served DCP as a 3rd In Command after the merge until their shutdown resulting in creating Doritos Gaming for the first time in early 2021 and remained an admin there. Haley later on got invited to the Fire Warriors by Sweater to lead with them for a successful generation once again. She accepts and that’s where she stands meanwhile today.

Fire Warriors under Haley’s leadership.

For more info on her future, I managed to message Haley for an interview about her future in CPA!

Special Interview with Fire Warriors Leader Haley

What got you to find CPA?

Haley: I found CPA while playing CPO. I came across a recruiter when I was using the game to avoid responsibilities lmao.

What is your most favorite thing about Armies?

Haley: My favorite thing about armies is definitely all of the friends I’ve made. I’ve met so many cool people from all over the world, and I can’t imagine where I’d be at this point if I didn’t join the community.

Do you have any intentions to retire soon?

Haley: Retirement is always on my mind. I’m incredibly busy, which makes being active really hard sometimes. I have no concrete plans at this time, but we will see what happens with classes starting up again at the end of the month.

What do you plan on doing after moving on from Armies?

Haley: I definitely plan on keeping in touch with all of the friends I’ve made, but once I move on, I’ll be focusing more on my art and establishing myself in that area of my life, so I can be prepared for the professional world post-university.

Is there anything you would like to add?

Haley: I’m never good at adding anything, but I’ll just say that I’m grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve been given in the army community and all of the great friends I’ve made!

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