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Hello, Fire Warriors community!

As we draw further away from the initial announcement that I would be adding some new names into our Hall of Fame page, I am proud to announce the three new Fire Warriors Icons that will make their appearance and mark their legacy for the coming years.

As we expand further into Club Penguin Armies, as we grow, as we fall, there will be many more names and faces inside the Fire Warriors Kingdom. Some, naturally, will do more than others, but it is absolutely vital we remember the great leaders and soldiers who came before us. As such, I have went against the initial announcement and have added three new Icons and multiple new Champions and Warriors.

The Fire Warriors will continue to be one of the most successful medium powerhouses that the community has ever seen: dominating the S/M scene prior to Summer. As we reach the September drop, I do not see falling in our future. We will reclaim our spot as the #1 S/M Army and we will continue to dominate anybody who opposes us (just like the Golden Penguins)

Without further adieu, I present to you the Hall of Fame changes.

















Now, I present to you the three Icon inductions:


Kaos was initially a member of the Advisory board at the beginning of the generation, though left her rank in the Doritos to focus on leading Fire Warriors full time sometime before the opening event. Kaos has been crucial in the growth of the server and army, recruiting sometimes 200+ members a week. With over half the server to her name, it’s pretty clear that she deserves this award and more. Not just that, but she played a vital role in our incredible March Madness battle and helped us prove to the major armies that Fire Warriors is powerful when we have to be.


The first AUSIA leader that the army has had in over half a decade, AustinFraud has been instrumental in not only growing Fire Warriors into an EU S/M powerhouse, but an AUSIA one as well. Austin is also responsible for training many important staff members, primarily Ugly. Together with Kaos & Sweater, the trio led the Fire Warriors into their incredibly successful standoff with the Silver Empire, running into overtime. Under his leadership, the army has fought and competed well against armies such as the Spartans, Silver Empire, Smart Penguins & more. His tactics are truly something else and he always has something creative to try out in the battlefield.


Ugly has been a Leader-in-Training for five months now. Serving as an excellent bridge between the leaders and staff, he always ensures that the army is heard and actions are implemented. Behind the scenes, Ugly manages a solid chunk of the website and is the reason many of our non-event posts see the light of day. His mentoring, activity, and immense loyalty to the army are unmatched by anybody who isn’t a leader, and his journey is just beginning.

Congratulations to everybody who was inducted to the Hall of Fame today! Remember, if you keep working hard and doing your best, you too can make it onto this page one day and have your legacy cemented for decades to come.

Make sure to congratulate everybody in the chat!


FW Main Leader

FW Acting Godfather

FW Recreator



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