[EU] Practice Battle vs. Skateboarders [RESULTS]

File_Name: FW_Battle_Results.txt

Hello Fire Warriors!

Today we logged on to raid the evil Night Guardians, the army we just defeated in our war. Unfortunately, due to Ronaldo still being scared of our Kingdom he decided to not log his army on to battle us. Though, lucky for us, the Skateboarders also wanted to raid the Night Guardians, so we just had a fun practice battle with them instead. Despite this battle having no official winner, we were much faster and reached sizes that doubled them in practically every room. Huge GGs to my friends in the Skateboarders, specifically Ivy and Tasty.

Max: 12 (11 + 1)

Read on for more pictures!

Once again, huge GGs to Skateboarders and thank you for the fun battle! It gets a little repetitive battling an army who only fights with words and not on the game where literally everybody else fights.


FW Main Leader

Night Guardians Supreme Daddy

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