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Hello Fire Warriors. This is a slightly different post than normal. I will be doing my best to explain the events of today, 23rd August, as I experienced them. So, let’s talk.

TW: Rape mentioned, swearing.

Also I leaked a few staff chats hope that’s alright @ CPAHQ, FW.


To begin my experience with this situation we must go back to an hour before the Challengers Cup II grand finals. One of the judges were unable to attend. I’m a judge myself, so I had access to see who the replacement judge could potentially be. I rejected four judges that day: Electrumm, Ram Em, Todo, Da Best. The latter three were rejected in the space of five minutes. This is due to these people holding anti-Fire Warriors beliefs. There was a conflict of interest.

Da Best asked me why I had rejected him, because I had also rejected him for the Fire Warriors vs. Golden Penguins battle. I told him the truth. I told Da Best that his threatening of literal rape towards an ex-Fire Warriors Leader is a conflict of interest in the battle. He didn’t appreciate my answer – and accused me of trying to get him fired in Club Penguin Army Headquarters due to my disliking of him in the old CPOAL server.

From there, his co-leader (they lead Eclipse together) Todo also attacked me. She accused me of lying – something I would not do, especially regarding such a heavy topic. That is my reasoning for rejecting Todo. She defended the man who threatened our leader with rape.


Two days after the grand finals have taken place and Fire Warriors won the battle 3-0. I came to read a CPAHQ report, written by Todo (the judge I rejected for anti FW tendancies and defending of Da Best) had written the battle report. In the battle report, she had blatantly disregarded the effort and work our leadership put into the battle. Some examples:

  • Not a single congratulations to Fire Warriors;
  • No praise of Fire Warriors’ efforts, despite naming PIC as higher than us on Top Ten and maxing higher than us in battle;
  • In the “what do you think” section, she had included the text Do YOU think PIC should have won the battle?

It was clear to me and the other FW leaders that this battle report was inherently biased. When asked, Todo completely freaked out at the idea of any of her work being criticised and responded to Ugly with the following.

Todo responding to our points in a very aggressive manner

As we can see above, Todo once again was being very aggressive to a Fire Warriors leader. At this point, it is blatantly obvious to me that she is anti Fire Warriors. I responded to Todo with the following, something that I don’t consider to even be mean.

After this, Todo proceeded to make a group chat with Austin and Ugly and didn’t invite me to it. Da Best was also present in the group chat from my understanding. In there, Todo basically cried about how I really hurt her feelings or something. I swear. If THAT hurt your feelings, I couldn’t imagine you fighting against THE badboy.

The argument

After the group chat incident, an argument broke out between Austin and I. The argument consisted of him yelling at me for speaking my mind on Eclipse. (you know, Da Best who did what I said above and Todo who defended it.) – he gave me the constant “you rep FW! You speak for all of FW!” which I truly believe is a shocking stance to take. I represent ME. I keep it real and I always will. If you do what Da Best did to an FW leader I will absolutely not give you respect in public. That’s disgusting behaviour.

Honest question: Would YOU stand for this?

Now you have seen the section of our argument where I left the Fire Warriors leadership. I cannot understand the mindset of sympathising with these people. I posted in announcements regarding a giveaway, when I gave the winners their gifts. Afterwards, I said not to contact me regarding FW anymore. I left the group chat and staff server.

About 10 minutes after I posted my announcement, I was readded to the chat. I was told to “chill tf out” and then I was asked what I was doing. I explained it was evident, and swiftly left once more. From there, the advisors in the group chat took my side in the debate and AustinFraud was unhappy about it. He would then readd me and leave once more; wanting me to clean this up. I had to step in once more to tell everybody not to worry.

FW Involvement

Some time passed, and Austin went into the general chat. He told everybody in our server that we were trying to make him appear like a bad guy. That we wanted him gone or something. This was never the case. We have had many frustrations with Austin over the months, but he was family and we moved past it. This includes:

  • Not adding me to an alliance chat. I had no idea it even existed until months later.
  • Going as far as to create a group chat with just him and Fire Warriors high command. No other leader (except Ugly who was promoted) was present OR had any idea this chat existed.

I believe his motive for this was to just feel a sense of power, to own something in the army.

The GC reforms

After a while, we all were added back to the group chat to discuss the army’s future and whatnot. Austin used this time to gaslight and manipulate the people in it to stay in the army, and gave many excuses. He told me, personally, multiple times that “conor, we cannot do this without you. you’re family.” – despite me saying I wanted no part anymore. He also tried to guilt me into staying by saying “this is such a bad note for your retirement, you should stay until after FW’s anniversary” etc.

Every time I left, Austin would readd me. Then, he flipped the cards. He “apologised” profusely and told us how sorry he was regarding today. He used this as an excuse to leave. This means that for the past few hours, I, someone who wishes not to be involved anymore, has had to answer too many questions I do not know the answer to.

Sidenote: Austin has the biggest ego I have ever seen any army leader have. He seems to think he is the dictator of this army, despite me trying to push for equal say. He also claimed that if he was to ever leave, then all of the staff would too. I believe this to be due to him being the only leader in a private HCOM group chat. He also threatened to pull our entire mentoring team out of FW if he left.

I don’t get this man at all.

Anyway that’s all I can write for now. There’s probably more but honestly this day has been very long. I’m tired, I’m emotional. I just want this to go back to normal but this is my side of the story to anyone who wants it. I can always updated if I remember any info I suppose.

thanks x.




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