Taking a Breather

I am officially retiring from Fire Warriors.

Please take a moment to read.

I – Introduction
II – Reason
III – Shoutouts
IV – Notable Moments
V – End


I want to start off by saying, thanks for all the memories I’ve made in this army. Every single person that I’ve met so far here has been nothing but great to me, it’s a shame it had to be this soon, as I got my leader status like 2 weeks ago, and it’s been the greatest army I’ve ever worked in my entire army career. We were able to turn the army that maxed 5/6 in the start to win the first ever trophy in the FW’s entire history, I’m truly proud of what we have achieved and I’m very grateful for it. I can safely claim this as a successful generation for the Warriors.


One of the reasons I have to leave is life. At one point you gotta realize, you have a life to take care of, and it’s not worth getting yourself too attached to some silly penguins game. It has been on my mind for many months to retire or take a long break, and due to me not being accepted to my new school things are gonna be twice the difficulty. I want to state that this isn’t my retirement from armies as a whole, I will be going on an indefinite break from armies for some time…

I’ve completely burned out. You forget what is your true personality and gets you away from what you can truly achieve in reality. It is true, the recent drama left me in despair, and it’s saddening to witness all your friends break with each other in a matter of minutes. (You can find all the info on what happened here.)

I want to take a break to get the bad taste out of my mouth, and mainly just to relax for a bit. Even though I won’t be around much, I will remain as an Advisor for the time being. I want to ensure the safety and the best for the Fire Warriors. Despite the fact I’m not a leader anymore, I will still try my hardest to not let it fall.


I want to also give a shoutout to the people that meant the most to me in my time in this army and some honorable mentions, if you are on the list or you are not, I want to sincerely thank you for the good times:

Austin, Conor, Cassie, Haley, Rach, Sid, Darci, Goul, Real, Polaris, William, Axl, Zombie, Lafille, Avery, Lart, Nautilus, Mythic, Eren, Simmonds, Cargo, Lizzie, Kio, Kyle, Legoman, Elsa, Pandor, EpicWhy, Delta, Ivy, Kris, Zeenie, Semi, Shadow, Zetsu, Pingu, Clover, Phonix, Pleby, Nova, Kook, Black Panther, Vapo, Deli, TyMatt, Violet, Pringle, Pochoma, Wwe09, and last but not least, Ur Mom.
These all have a special place in my heart.

Notable Moments

The Opening Event


March Madness Fire Warriors vs. Silver Empire.


Ironmen vs Captain Americans Battle in the Marvel Themed Week.


Fire Warriors vs. Golden Penguins Army invasion of GPA’s capital.


Conor & Cassie’s CPR marriage.


Fire Warriors vs. People’s Imperial Confederation in the Challengers Cup 2 Finals


Thanks for all the memories, you all mean the world to me. Taking a chill pill for now.

Fear the Flames

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