The hot atmosphere of a new land… it fills you with determination.


That’s all there is to say. Despite a rather unfortunate username, it echoes the room. Ugly is by far one of the best people to ever touch the game. From his tireless work ethic, to his determination, to his mentoring, Ugly has played many different roles in the Fire Warriors in the past seven months and it means the world to me that I am not only able to call him my Leader-in-Training, nor my Co-Leader, but my friend.

Ugly has been with us for many months now. He enlisted as a Second-in-Command before I had even established a proper leadership for this place, because my good friend Simmonds2000 told me about him. Working with Ugly over the many weeks and months, I feel as though I’ve watched him grow a little. Every day, his attitude improving, his abilities growing stronger. I’m extremely proud of you, Ugly.

You are one hell of an individual. You are the most dedicated person I’ve ever met. He served as Leader in Training for over five months. But he stayed. He learned. He improved. And after all this time, we were finally able to promote him. And although it has only been a short while, his leadership in the S/M world is unmatched.

With Ugly, the Fire Warriors won the Challengers Cup II, defeating the likes of the Golden Troops, Smart Penguins and our brother allies, the People’s Imperial Confederation. Ugly made this happen. As such, I am proud to award Ugly with something no leader has ever earned: the Warrior of the Week. Although it may seem trivial, Ugly has never won this award, no High Command has.

My friend. I could not have asked for a better soldier, a better friend to work with. Whatever you decide to do next, even if you only put 10% of the effort, the determination you put into Fire Warriors, then I promise you that you will succeed.

Thank you for everything Ugly. I am excited to continue moving forward with you as an advisor. As we enter these rocky times, I know your guidance and knowledge will help us vastly.

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