A Special Thanks towards the Fire Warriors

Hello Warriors! Today, after 8 months, 202 website posts, a lot of friends and a lot of good memories earned we are saying our final goodbye to the Club Penguin part of the Fire Warriors.

In the past 8 months the amount of support and love I’ve been getting from the FW community is insane. It almost feels too good to be true. I remember every single moment of this 8 months. Especially when it all began.

Remembering the time Pandor first meesaged me and invited me to the server. I remember ignoring it for 2 whole days then deciding fuck it, why wouldn’t i join this server? I joined the server on the 5th of February and at the time i wasn’t really interested in any kind of servers. But when i decided to finally say yes, and make my account on the game was one of my best decisions of my entire life. I had some crazy arguments with Pandor but in the end i can thank him everything i have today on discord.

After that, it’s history. Zeenie helped me to get to know some of my up to date friends and helping me creating an account on Club Penguin rewritten. Zeenie was like a boss to me at the time. She helped me getting inside armies deeper. [if someone is reading that and misunderstands than please be kind enough to dm me after you read the whole thing]

Remembering the Dank Memer memes getting Starboarded times. Also the times when i didn’t know Cassie and Conor were dating and made a meme about it. :angy:

It’s a “secret” [secret that everyone knows sob] but i remember me and Fraud starting simping.

Bullying Zeenie and Sid was like a daily job we had to do with violet. If we don’t do it, we become sad.

One of the most notable moments was the march madness days. Going off against Silver Empire and maxing 33 was a really big thing at the time. Naut was VC leading and i didn’t know what we are doing basically. Crazy how 8 months can change a person in such a big way.

And Ugly was always a good friend of mine. Seeing him getting leader was a really happy thing to only him but me, and the whole army community.

Shoutouts: Ugly, Austin, Sweater, Cassie, Elsa, Kevin, Jayde, EpicWhy, Ethen, Axl, Nautilius, Violet, Quipo, Goul, Sid, Pran, William, Kyle, Da Best, Rach, Pandor, Dragon, Comedy, Darci, Apple, Kally, Avery, Lart, Cody, Umzy,, Zombie, Semi, Deli, Phonix, Taylor, Alan.

If you were mentioned above thank you for all the memories.

Fear the goddamn Flames
FW Third in Command

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