Thank You Fire Warriors For Everything.

Wassup warriors and adventurers! Today, I’m making a post on the remarkable memories I’ve had and made in FW. I’ve only been here for 1 month, but seems like forever.

The month I’ve been here, I have felt comforted by the people of FW and have been welcomed by so many wonderful people. I remember the day I joined, and the number of people I saw that I have already known. It was such a blessing to see Kaos again, after the 3 months of amazing times we had. Then, I saw Pran. We were so excited to see each other after 2 months of not seeing each other. It was like a warm feeling that is hard to explain. It was like a family reunion.

The very moment I joined FW, I was offered, staff. I of course said yes, since I was in a previous army. After that, I felt so accomplished with my dreams of being apart of an army community as a moderator. A few weeks later, I was promoted to 3rd in command, and that’s when I reached my goal as a person. The mood I was in when I got promoted was like victory in a game.

At that time, I was dealing with family issues, and went further on with my emotions. Sweater (Conor), was one of the reasons I’m here right now, writing this message and not ending up somewhere no one would want me in. Without his support for me, and others of the community, where would we be? Sweater is an amazing man, you should look up to.

Lastly, I would like to share some cute lil memories of the army and the big accomplishments we’ve had.

Shoutouts to: Pran, Cassie, Conor, Sid, Deli, Jayde, Austin, Pandor, Polaris, Real,Naut, axl, william, violet, quipo, elsa, ivy, swirl, kyle, rach, taylor, alan, ethen, etc. 


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