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Club Penguin Armies are a sub-game of the main game, Club Penguin. “Armies,” are communities of Club Penguin players that host meetups (called events) and battle other armies. If you would like to know more information, we have a more in-depth guide on how armies operate on our Beginners’ Guide page. We are part of an organisation that governs armies called Club Penguin Army Network. You can view their site here.


Foreign Relations

There are three main terms used to decide our relationships with other armies. Glossary:

  • Allies are armies that we are on good terms with; and they, us. Fire Warriors will never launch invasions on these armies and will assist them whenever necessary. Armies on our Ally list will have a date next to their name; the date that the alliance started.
  • Neutral are armies that we are indifferent about. We will not invade them, or fight them in any capacity, unless they have taken action against us first. When a new army launches they are automatically listed as Neutral. All armies that are neither Ally nor Enemy are Neutral.
  • Enemies are armies that we are not on good terms with. These are armies we have had issues with in the past and armies that have tried to hurt us for no good reason. We will invade these armies as much as possible in an effort to take all of their land. Armies on our Enemy list will have a date next to their name; the date we officially became enemies.

Ice Warriors – February 8th, 2021.

[|||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| ||||||||||]

Rebel Penguin Federation  – April 2nd, 2021.

[|||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| ||||||||||]

People’s Imperial Confederation – March 8th, 2021.

[|||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| ||||||||||]

Water Vikings – June 8th, 2021.

[|||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| ||||||||||]

Every other army who is not under Allies or Enemies

Elite Federals – July 8th, 2021.

[|||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| ||||||||||]

Golden Penguins Army – August 6th, 2021.

[|||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| ||||||||||]




HOCKEY – Co-Capital





Cold Snap




Ice Palace


Powder Ball


Snow Shoe



Snowy River

To see our land & other armies’ land, check out the CP Army Network map here.

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