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    Our goal as a community is to have fun on Club Penguin Rewritten! We arrange regular meetups, game nights, giveaways, and a lot more.

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Top Art Submissions

Hey Fire Warriors,

Since our server harbors many wonderful artists, I, AustinFraud decided to put a few of the best art submissions of this month into one post. This will be more of a weekly thing where it will be called “Top Art Submissions of the week”So, put all of your art submissions in the #arts-and-pics channel to get featured in the next post. Don’t be disheartened if your art didn’t make it to this post, there’s always next time. 

Art by @ily

Art by Ghøšt

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Operation: Upsurge(AUSIA) [RESULTS]

Heya Fiery Warriors,

Today, We held an AUSIA event on Club Penguin Rewritten called “Operation: Upsurge”. We logged onto Zipline and made use of the Town, Forts, and Stadium as rooms. We had a lot of fun from trying new forms to trying to perfect faster tactics.  We maxed a total of 11 Warriors! Hope to see you at the next event warriors!


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Operation: Ember Rise [RESULTS]

Afternoon Fiery Warriors,

Today, we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten, Ascent for the Ember Rise event! The leaders exchanged an array of tactics and commanded the troops to form various formations. Our very own leader, Haley, did one swell of a job VC commanding the troops. We entered the Iceberg, Beach, and Stadium, and emote bombed the whole room. We were able to max an outstanding amount of 15 Troops!


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