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    Welcome to the Fire Warriors Army of Club Penguin Rewritten!

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Howdy Fire Warriors,

Last Thursday, on April 1st, we logged onto Abominable on Club Penguin Rewritten for Conor’s prank retirement. The event featured many joke tactics for the holiday, as well as farewell tactics for our (not)retired leader who… slept through the event. Nevertheless, we had a fun time with me and our amazing hcom Ugly and Pran leading. We maxed a total of 10 penguins for our Ausia event. Continue reading for event pictures!


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Hello Fire Warriors,

In today’s event we logged onto Ascent on Club Penguin Rewritten for our special Froggy Takeover event. Armed with our froggy hats today’s event featured several strong formations, bombs, and plentiful frog puns. Leading the event we had Austin, Conor and I, with a brief intermission from Ugly and retired staff Flypin. We maxed a total of 15 penguins for the event. Continue reading for event pictures!


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Warrior of the Week #2

After the hard work and hype for March Madness, we’ve had a quieter week here in FW, but despite that we had a member who’s been continuously active and even recruited many members into our server. They show all the qualities that we lookout for when deciding on a Warrior of the Week: they’re an active and helpful member as well as attend most events and even recruit.

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