Declaration of War on Golden Troops || Please Read

Let’s just get right into it.

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Legends Cup XI: Round One [RESULTS]

Hello, Warriors! Today we logged on to defeat the Spartans in the first round of the Legends Cup XI. Unfortunately, there was no battle because Spartans announced their closure right before the tournament began; thus we take it automatically. Of course, we still logged on and we did really well today.

MAX: 21

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[URGENT] Declaration of War Against Silver Empire

For your true false-claims, we will take action.

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Fire Warriors Semi-Annual Legend Inductions

(FWLI, Fire Warriors Legend Inductions) – Today, July 12th, marks the first of many semi-annual Fire Warriors Legend Inductions. As our Godfathers have remained inactive; and I do not want to hold the power to induct legends myself, I figured it would be best for the army to induct its legend themselves. That means you, the soldiers, will have the power to vote for who should be upgraded in our Hall of Fame page.

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[EU] Practice Battle vs. Spartans [RESULTS]

Hello, Fire Warriors!

Today we logged on for our practice battle against the Spartans. Although we lost by size; we proved that in battle we are one of the faster armies in the community. This was definitely a learning experience, and now the leaders know what we need to spend time working on so we can make a good run in the upcoming Legends Cup tournament.

Max: 15

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Hello Fire Warriors, today I’ve finally made my mind up on one of the hardest questions I’ve ever faced in armies and I have ultimately decided the best thing for me and where I am is to retire today. If you would rather not read this full post, and trust me I don’t blame you, the reason is simply a lack of motivation to continue & timings. I’m not having nearly as much fun leading anymore as I am with other things I’m doing in my life, such as playing games or going out.

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Yule Ball Award Categories

Below are the categories for every award that can be won in our Yule Ball event!

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[EU] Members to Leaders – RESULTS!

Hello Fire Warriors

Today we handed over control of our army to the wonderful member ranks, in this fun U-Lead event! Everyone did miraculously well (I’ve been binging Miraculous Ladybug sorry!) – and we’ve definitely spotted some future Fire Warrior Leaders today. I’m super proud of how well the event went, let’s take a look together!

Max: 13

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[EU] Operation: OWA OWA – RESULTS!

Hello Fire Warriors

Today we dressed up as lil doggies on Ascent and trained in our Operation: OWA OWA event! We had so many good puppy-themed tactics and had so much fun! We really raised the woof with this one. Let’s keep doing our best and rising up!

Max: 12 (+2) = 14

If CPAHQ only count 12 because of the picture that’s a-okay.

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[AUSIA] Operation: Retaliation – RESULTS

Hello Fire Warriors!

Today we logged on for our AUSIA event, Operation Retaliation! It went pretty well, although there’s definitely room for improvement. I’m really proud of how we’re shaping up, & we’re the only army to start completely from fresh during HTML to do this well. Let’s keep going, and do even better next time!

Max: 11 [11 in pic but 2 more attended]

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