Re-ignition Review #7

[6/28 – 7/3]

Hello Fire Warriors! Hope you guys had a good week till now! We had 3 invasions this week, as well as a Pride Celebration and two music-related events! Make sure to keep attending events, to rank up each time!

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The Name Behind the Person: Mangoes

ROCKY ROAD, Pran’s Office: In the second edition of “The Name Behind the Person”, I will be criticizing mangoes, a troop also known as mantoes(ew), juice(this is true pls believe), and fruit (false). She claims to be iconic in the Fire Warriors, which I will determine to be false! I will uncover her TRUE nature, and expose the lies you have been fed.

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Re-ignition Review #5

[5/31 – 6/5]

Hello Fire Warriors!! Hope you guys had a good week till now! We had a variety of events this week, ending with the amazing community Pride Parade! Hope you guys all enjoy the post!

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The Name Behind the Person: Cassie

ROCKY ROAD, Pran’s Office: In a totally brand-new column that I stole from CPAH 2020 (because for real, who cares), I will be analyzing(criticizing) people’s names. The first person to have the luxury of being criticized for having parents give them such a name will be Cassie, the owner, and leader of Fire Warriors!

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Re-ignition Review #4

[5/23 – 5/30]

Hello Fire Warriors!! Hope you guys had a good week till now! We had an ancient-themed week as well as some out-of-this-world puns! Hope you guys enjoy the post! Continue reading

[EU] Operation: Burning Asteroids [RESULTS]

He- Hello? Are you receiving this transmission from Gamma Quadrant, Sector Four, Fire Warriors? Either way, today, on planet Earth-516, we hosted an out-of-this-world event celebrating the arrival of the May catalog and the brand new Asteroid outfit! In an event where we reached for the stars, we were able to max an adequate 13 Warriors! Good job to everyone that came, the galaxy would have definitely given you a medal the size Luke Skywalker achieved.

MAX: 13

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[AUSIA] Operation: Rising Volcano [RESULTS]

Hello again, Fire Warriors! Hope you had fun at the event today (5/25)! We pretended that we were volcanoes today, with the magma rising :D. At the end, we had some fun tactics from our very own HCOM, so thanks to UglyPranDarci, and Sid for doing tactics at the end! We fell asleep at times, due to the event being a little early or late for some people, but thanks to everyone for coming! We were able to achieve a max of 14 again thanks to you guys!

MAX: 14

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[EU] Operation: Fast and Furious [RESULTS]

Hello Fire Warriors! Today on 5/24, as the name of the event suggested, we rode with great speed and incensed emotions, with a result of 14 Warriors in attendance! Our tactics were quick, including a section of rapid-fire emotes, amongst other aflamezing tactics. We certainly outdid many of our previous events, so thank you to everyone that came! Make sure to check out our event pictures below!!

Edit: Check out Lart’s video at the bottom of this post as well!

MAX: 14

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Re-ignition Review #3

[5/16 – 5/22]

Hello Fire Warriors!! Hope you guys had a good week till now! We had a magical week with the Durmstrang School of Magic winning the themed week! Thank you all for taking event pictures and coming to our events! Continue reading

[EU] Yule Ball – Results

Hi Fire Warriors!!

We logged onto Crystal for the fancy Yule Ball, with our dates, in our best suits, dresses, and robes. We did a few tactics, and then went into the Night Club for a fun competition. The winners were:

Best Couple: Ugly & Kio
Best Single: Sid
Best Dressed: AustinFraud
Funniest Person: Lart
Saddest Loner: Lafille

We had a maximum of 15 people logged on for this ending to a great themed week! Afterward, the winner of this themed week was announced as Durmstrang School of Magic. Congrats, and hope to see you at all future events!

Max: 15


Thanks to anyone that took pictures at this beautiful event! You guys are the best, and your efforts are not unnoticed!

Keeping the Fire Bright,


FW 2nd in Command