Map Update #3

HOT CHOCOLATE, Fire Warriors Capital – The Map continues to change every week with many available lands, but there won’t be much land left to invade very soon! As the Water Vikings enter the map, and the war with Templars and SWAT continues, there is gonna be a lot happening in the next few weeks! Though here’s the list of invasions that occurred this week.

Map Photo Taken on 17th July 6pm EST. Click to enlarge.

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Re-ignition Review #8

[7/5 – 7/10]

Hey Fire Warriors! Hope everyone had fun this fascinating week! We’ve had a total of 5 events, as we invade a lot of lands to our territory in the CP Army Network new map! Here’s a quick review about all events that occured this week, as well as the statistics for each division!

Event Statistics

AUSIA Average: 10.5
EU Average: 18
US Average: N/A

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CPAN Map Update #2

HOT CHOCOLATE, Fire Warriors Capital – The CP Army Network notices a huge change in the world map from the last map update, as a war breaks out between the Templars and Special Weapons and Tactics taking everyone by storm, and armies all across bringing lands towards their zone. In this post, I will note all changes that surrounded the map throughout this week, along with all armies’ current lands at the end. Continue reading

[Meet The Team] Meet The Leader: Cassie

HOT CHOCOLATE, Fire Warriors Capital – Another week, another Meet The Team post. Today we will be looking at another commander in the leadership, most commonly known as Cassie/Catsie. While it is a short history, it has a very interesting build-up! Follow up on cassie’s past and how she ended up in the Fire Warriors!

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Map Update #1

HOT CHOCOLATE, Fire Warriors Capital – A mighty week for FW once again. With the release of the new map by CP Army Network, many armies around the community chose their capital, and began invading lands to their territory! While of course, the Fire Warriors had to bring itself to the spotlight, making Hot Chocolate our main capital, and invading a total of 3 free lands to our domain.

Here is an update on the first week of the map! We can see a clear dominance from the major armies such as Ice Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation in the middle with over 5+ lands, as well as the Help Force taking over lands around it! We can also see the Silver Empire and the Fire Warriors, having a similar amount of land. SE with Hibernate, and FW with Hockey and Snowy River. Sea Serpents took over a small land in Snowbound, while the Golden Troops conquering Half Pipe besides RPF. Crimson Guardians still having one land and that is their capital Thermal. The Sidie Rangers all the way down taking over Christmas. And lastly the Secret Service capital Down Under

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[EU] Pride Celebration Event [RESULTS]

Hey Fire Warriors!

Today the mighty Fire Warriors have logged on Ascent to start our Pride Celebration once again, we had one in the first week of Pride Month, but now we planned it again! We were able to perform a great chain of tactics and formations and perfecting them along the way with the leaders of this event AustinFraud, Ugly, Cassie, and Sweater, we were able to max a solid 18 penguins online for this celebration! Also huge thanks to our VC leader and 3rd In Command Goul for VC leading this event! Thanks to all troops that attended the event today! Flaming as always!

Max: 18

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[Meet The Team] Meet The Leader: AustinFraud

HOT CHOCOLATE, Fire Warriors Territory- On the second Meet The Team post, we will be looking into a very familiar person in the Fire Warriors this time, the main Frauds™ creator and Sid’s arch-rival. Not many know about his history, but I will speak about his army history, ranks, statuses, and affiliations in this post. All the info I could put my hands on will be compiled into one post today. Continue reading

[CPRewritten Cheats] June Igloo Catalog: FULL GUIDE

Hey Fire Warriors and Club Penguin Players!

CPRewritten has just released a brand new Better Igloo catalog for June, with many Summer/Music-themed furniture items! I will be writing a quick guide on how to find all hidden items available to fully customize your igloo!

Better Igloos Catalog June 2021

Igloo Catalog Cover:


Page 1:


Page 2:


Page 3:


Page 4:


Page 5:


Page 6:


Page 7:

Fear the Flames


FW Leader In Training

Re-ignition Review #6

[6/21 – 6/27]

Hey Fire Warriors! And it’s not Pran this time, but me Ugly doing his column since he is busy. This week has been a very mighty one, battling a major army and almost taking them down! Hope this week has been a great one for our troops, and there is more to come in the upcoming weeks! Hope you guys all enjoy the post!


Event Statistics

AUSIA Average: N/A
EU Average: 16
US Average: N/A


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[CPRewritten Cheats] Prehistoric Party: FULL GUIDE

Hey Fire Warriors and CPRewritten Players!

Recently, CPRewritten has finally released the Prehistoric Party after 1 month of constant delays. This party concludes an entire map by itself, dino quests, egg hunt, party catalog… etc. In this post, I will be showcasing all new rooms with all the hidden eggs that transform you into dinosaurs. Continue reading