[CPRewritten] August Penguin Style Catalog 2021 %100 Walkthrough

Hey everyone!
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Taking a Breather

I am officially retiring from Fire Warriors.

Please take a moment to read.

I – Introduction
II – Reason
III – Shoutouts
IV – Notable Moments
V – End

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[EU] Challengers Cup II Semi-Finals vs. Smart Penguins – SUCCESS

Hey Fire Warriors!

Today we logged on for the second round of Challengers Cup II against the Smart Penguins. In this battle, we were able to present a clear dominance towards the opponents, with a total of 14 troops online. Throughout the battle, we were able to destroy the Smart Penguins tactically and with a bigger size advantage, as well as better formatting and outspeeding. Fire Warriors being the powerhouse S/M army was able to win the battle with a 3-0 result, and proceed to the finals with the People’s Imperial Confederation also known as PIC.

Max: 14

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Meet the Leader: Haley

What’s up Fire Warriors? Last time, we introduced the leader Cassie with a full history post about her past affiliations and successes. Today, our last current leader on the list, Haley. Not many have been able to see her in chat to know more about her, so today I’ll bring full research talking about her record in the CPA community along with multiple ranks from her past armies! Continue reading

[WAR] Fire Warriors vs. Golden Penguins Army | Battle for Oyster [VICTORY]

How’s it going Fire Warriors!
Following the recent war declaration on the evil Golden Penguins Army, we have logged on to Ascent for the first and the last invasion to destroy those fake people and invade their capital. We were able to max a total of 13 penguins online, while those scaredy-cats didn’t log on to the point they had to rebrand, but the battle still occurred for the holder of Oyster. After 10 minutes of great performance, the judges have officially announced victory towards the Fire Warriors and have successfully claimed Oyster as our land. After the Golden Penguins lost their ex-capital, we were able to force treaty them with a very harsh treaty for all the harassment and the disrespect given, that’ll show em!

Max: 13

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[Legends Cup XI] Fire Warriors Vs. Rebel Penguin Federation Quarter Finals [RESULTS]

What’s up Fire Warriors!

On the 1st of July, we logged on CPRewritten to battle the dominating army Rebel Penguin Federation in the quarter-finals of the Legends Cup XI, since we proceeded from round 1 against Spartans which was an automatic win for us! Unfortunately, if it’s not obvious, we weren’t able to take on the RPF due to their huge size advantage and rapidity in tactics, as they are a 5 times champions in Legends Cup. We still managed to show up and try our best, maxing a total of 10 troops online.

Max: 10

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[EU] Strawberry Takeover

Hey Fire Warriors!
Today the mighty warriors log into Ascent for a cute takeover wearing our Strawberry costumes! We managed to do decently okay, with a great performance as well by putting out speedy tactics and strong bombs, led by our leader Cassie! We were able to hit a total of 10 troops online! Amazing job warriors, but we can definitely hit a lot more next events.

Max: 10

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Map Update #3

HOT CHOCOLATE, Fire Warriors Capital – The Map continues to change every week with many available lands, but there won’t be much land left to invade very soon! As the Water Vikings enter the map, and the war with Templars and SWAT continues, there is gonna be a lot happening in the next few weeks! Though here’s the list of invasions that occurred this week.

Map Photo Taken on 17th July 6pm EST. Click to enlarge.

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Re-ignition Review #8

[7/5 – 7/10]

Hey Fire Warriors! Hope everyone had fun this fascinating week! We’ve had a total of 5 events, as we invade a lot of lands to our territory in the CP Army Network new map! Here’s a quick review about all events that occured this week, as well as the statistics for each division!

Event Statistics

AUSIA Average: 10.5
EU Average: 18
US Average: N/A

Total Average: 14.25 Continue reading

CPAN Map Update #2

HOT CHOCOLATE, Fire Warriors Capital – The CP Army Network notices a huge change in the world map from the last map update, as a war breaks out between the Templars and Special Weapons and Tactics taking everyone by storm, and armies all across bringing lands towards their zone. In this post, I will note all changes that surrounded the map throughout this week, along with all armies’ current lands at the end. Continue reading