The Name Behind the Person: Ugly

Hello, Fire Warriors! So today I am doing “The Name Behind the Person” post about ugly’s name! And I know what you are all thinking, “But real ugly has so many names, how are you going to cover that in a single post?” Well, the answer is, I won’t, can’t and it’s basically impossible. Ugly has so many names I could write for 5 whole hours, but let us get into the post!

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Fire Warriors Sunday Trivia #3

Hot Chocolate, Fire Warriors Capital – Another Sunday, another trivia! Isn’t that awesome? I mean, we all love trivia and the trivia prize is absolutely amazing! In case you didn’t know, it’s a medal that says “Trivia Winner”. If you win this, people will think you belong to the Smart Penguins army because only nerds can achieve this reward. And back to the part where we actually talk about the post! I’ll mention this in every post, but we have 5 questions and you can only submit your answers by commenting. You can only submit 1 answer, so be careful what you write. The way to submit your answers:

  1. (answer)
  2. (answer)

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Notable Moments {7/12 – 7/18}

Hello Fire Warriors!

Hot Chocolate, Fire Warriors Capital – We need notable moments! Don’t worry, I’ve got you guys covered with today’s post. And in this post, we all know it’s the time where we talk about this week’s honorable and funny moments! Read the whole post to find out what they were!

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Re-ignition Review #8

[7/5 – 7/10]

Hey Fire Warriors! Hope everyone had fun this fascinating week! We’ve had a total of 5 events, as we invade a lot of lands to our territory in the CP Army Network new map! Here’s a quick review about all events that occured this week, as well as the statistics for each division!

Event Statistics

AUSIA Average: 10.5
EU Average: 18
US Average: N/A

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Notable Moments [7/5 – 7/11]

Hello Warriors!

It’s been awhile since the last edition, but now we’re back with Notable Moments of the Week, also knows as NMOTW (I just came up with that right now). Without further ado, let’s have some laughs over this week’s funny and notable moments! What will they be? Continue reading to find out!

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FW Sunday Trivia #2

Hello Fire Warriors!

Welcome back to the second edition of FW Sunday Trivia. While there were no correct guesses for the last edition, the reward, a cool medal in the FW server, remains the same. But before we get into the trivia, let’s go over how to submit your answers again, as it’s always good to refresh your memory. So, as I mentioned last time you can submit your answers in the comment section with this template:

My answers:

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What If? #2 What If FW Had an SMP

Hello Fire Warriors! Welcome back to the newest series, that’s quickly gaining hype, “What If?”. With that, we have this. Question of today, What If Fire Warriors Had an SMP?
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[Meet The Team] Meet The Leader: Cassie

HOT CHOCOLATE, Fire Warriors Capital – Another week, another Meet The Team post. Today we will be looking at another commander in the leadership, most commonly known as Cassie/Catsie. While it is a short history, it has a very interesting build-up! Follow up on cassie’s past and how she ended up in the Fire Warriors!

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Re-ignition Review #7

[6/28 – 7/3]

Hello Fire Warriors! Hope you guys had a good week till now! We had 3 invasions this week, as well as a Pride Celebration and two music-related events! Make sure to keep attending events, to rank up each time!

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Troop Asks Questions: Pleby

Hello Fire Warriors and other newcomers,

I will be continuing Troop Asks Questions where I will ask multiple questions to random troops from our army! Our first troop of this column is Pleby! We all know Pleby, she is an amazing Corporal and has been to so many events, Well I might as well just interview her!

Goul: Hey Pleby, I am doing a thing called Troops Ask Questions. I’d like to interview you! Just ask me 3 simple questions about how I got staff, or just anything appropriate questions you’d like to ask me!

Pleby: Why did you choose this army over others

Goul: Well, Sid mentioned the army in Ice Warriors and I was so intrigued I asked for an invite, but it’s sid so she said no. I then dmed Pran and asked and he said yes! Austin dmed me and said if I have been in any other armies and then we had a conversation and soon enough I got staff! It’s been amazing working as an HCOM and would stay for a few more years to come!

Pleby: How is your staff experience so far

Goul: My staff experience is going great! I love working with my fellow peers and as I grow I will hopefully make new friends. I’ve had my challenges but I’ve been able to walk right past them and move forward.

Pleby: Have you been to any other armies before and if so what did you do there

Goul: Yes, I have been to MANY armies and I will explain every one of them. My first ever army was Dark Warriors and that’s how I got FW staff. DW was like the first family I’ve ever had. At that time I was struggling with family issues and they were always there. Unfortunately, they shut down and I had to find another army. My next army was then IW. I joined just because of my friend Abi. Sadly, I didn’t feel welcome there so I left. My last army was SWAT. I didn’t attend any events so a just left. Then, I joined FW! Hopefully, this will be my last army!

That is all for today’s Troop Asks Questions! Pleby, you have some very interesting and awesome questions! DM me if you have questions or comment on the post about what you thought.


FW 3rd In Command