[Meet The Team] Meet The Leader: Cassie

HOT CHOCOLATE, Fire Warriors Capital – Another week, another Meet The Team post. Today we will be looking at another commander in the leadership, most commonly known as Cassie/Catsie. While it is a short history, it has a very interesting build-up! Follow up on cassie’s past and how she ended up in the Fire Warriors!

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[Meet The Team] Meet The Leader: AustinFraud

HOT CHOCOLATE, Fire Warriors Territory- On the second Meet The Team post, we will be looking into a very familiar person in the Fire Warriors this time, the main Frauds™ creator and Sid’s arch-rival. Not many know about his history, but I will speak about his army history, ranks, statuses, and affiliations in this post. All the info I could put my hands on will be compiled into one post today. Continue reading

[Meet The Team] Meet The Leader: Sweater

ROCKY ROAD, Fire Warriors Base of Operations- With a fresh new column, I totally didn’t steal from a video game, in these posts, I will be writing about each member of our huge staff team, from leader to all the way down to staff! Explaining their history and how they found out about the Fire Warriors and why they joined it! There will probably be a lot of these posts so buckle up! Continue reading