[CPRewritten Cheats] June Igloo Catalog: FULL GUIDE

Hey Fire Warriors and Club Penguin Players!

CPRewritten has just released a brand new Better Igloo catalog for June, with many Summer/Music-themed furniture items! I will be writing a quick guide on how to find all hidden items available to fully customize your igloo!

Better Igloos Catalog June 2021

Igloo Catalog Cover:


Page 1:


Page 2:


Page 3:


Page 4:


Page 5:


Page 6:


Page 7:

Fear the Flames


FW Leader In Training

[CPRewritten Cheats] Prehistoric Party: FULL GUIDE

Hey Fire Warriors and CPRewritten Players!

Recently, CPRewritten has finally released the Prehistoric Party after 1 month of constant delays. This party concludes an entire map by itself, dino quests, egg hunt, party catalog… etc. In this post, I will be showcasing all new rooms with all the hidden eggs that transform you into dinosaurs. Continue reading

[CPR Cheats] June Penguin Style Catalog: Secrets/Showcase

Hey Fire Warriors and CPRewritten Players

Recently today, Club Penguin Rewritten released a brand new Penguin Style catalog for June as they do every month! This new catalog contains a variety of Summer-themed clothing and LGBTQ+ / Rainbow-colored items, with also a new Item of The Month and Penguins At Work item! The team also announced that those won’t be a thing next Penguin Style catalogs and will be scrapped off CPRewritten. Tho there are a lot of secrets to cover! Continue reading

[CPRewritten News] Music Jam Cruise Ship, Medivial Party Confirmed, Penguin Style Cover

What’s up Fire Warriors and CPRewritten Players?

Plenty of news are roaming around CPRewritten and there is a lot to cover. The summer deals for CPRewritten are less than a month away and we are getting a lot of sightings of what to expect in the game very soon. A lot has been confirmed and many things are coming back into the game from items of clothing to parties. But what exactly tho? Continue reading

[CPRewritten News] Future Summer Parties, Minigames Developement, Puffles Update

Hey Fire Warriors and CPRewritten Players!

Recently this week, CPRewritten have made a community post announcing a bunch of things that will be arriving this summer along with many other updates and developments they talked about. Tho what will exactly arrive this summer? Continue reading

Club Penguin Rewritten | May Catalog FULL GUIDE

Hello Fire Warriors

CPRewritten just released their latest May’s Penguin Style catalog for clothes! The theme for this one is it’s about the upcoming Prehistoric Party that is gonna be releasing the next update. A new machine has been added with the Penguin Style update in the snow forts that Gary has been talking about recently in the community posts of CPRewritten which is the Prehistoric Party Construction!

Continue reading

Club Penguin Rewritten News │New Upcoming Cardigan, May Catalog Sneak Peeks, Stamp Book Almost Completed!

Greetings Fire Warriors

In this post i’ll be showing you a series of information coming from CPRewritten that might help you get a closer idea of what is expected to happen in the island. Many such as May’s Catalog which is arriving very soon and some outfits and items coming along with it, and some information about the stamp book which has been requested alot and asked to come back, we got a word from CPRewritten. Click the “Continue Reading” button to find out! Continue reading

Penguin Secret Agency – Mission 2: “G’s Secret Mission” Full Guide

“Secret Agent G has your mission in the sports shop.

You will be asked to prove you are an agent before he assigns you the mission.” Continue reading

Club Penguin Rewritten News │PSA Merge w/ EPF, New Baseball Field, Graduation Party Sneak Peek

Howdy Fire Warriors

In this post I’ll be showing you some important news about the approaching updates that will hit the island very soon. Some massive changes in the EPF/PSA, a new room for the stadium, and a upcoming rare item for the next catalog! Check more by clicking the “Continue Reading” button! Continue reading

Club Penguin Rewritten News│PSA Missions Arriving Back, Upcoming Parties Votes, Fruit Customes Code.

Hello Fire Warriors

Recently there has been a lot of news about CPRewritten, such as the debate of the Medieval Party coming back or not this year, and a new blog post showing the future parties that might be occurring this year! And some Fruity Costumes coming back as a code + a Graduation Cap that might be coming back soon! Read more about the information by clicking the “Continue Reading” button! Continue reading